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Chapter 16 Part 3 Pages 542-549.

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1 Chapter 16 Part 3 Pages

2 Terms to know Holocaust Kristallnacht Genocide Ghetto
Concentration Camp

3 The Holocaust The systematic murder of over 11 million people by the Nazis More than ½ of the above were Jews

4 European history of Anti-Semitism
The Middle Ages and Usuay Banned from guilds, agriculture, trades The Bubonic Plague Need for a scapegoat Pope Paul IV in 16th century Russian pogroms

5 The need for a scapegoat
Hitler blamed Jews for the sad state of the German economy and for Germany’s defeat during WWI Also…The Master Race: its purity had to be protected Also racial heirarchy in Hitler’s Mein Kampf

6 Persecution Began As early as April 1933 Jews could not join the army
Have government laws Marry Aryans Attend concerts, universities Had to wear Stars of David on their persons and places of business

7 The Nuremberg Laws Stripped of jobs, property, citizenship
Jews were encouraged to leave Germany BUT during the Depression, other countries who could not take proper care of their own citizens, were unwilling to absorb more people

8 Many Jews DID NOT want to leave
Their property, money, extended families behind How would they support themselves in a foreign country Anti-Semitism was not limited to Germany

9 The Berlin Olympics 1936 Provided full employment in Germany
Hitler wanted to show off his master race to the world Restrictions on Jews were lifted Many Jews thought that the worst was over

10 Jessie Owens An American sprinter Was Black Took 4 Gold Medals
Embarrassing for Hitler

11 Kristallnacht November 1938
A Polish student in Paris assassinated a minor German official in the German Embassy in Paris The student was upset because the Nazis had “relocated” his family after the Polich invasion

12 Word of the Assassination reached Germany
Nazi Storm Troopers were ordered to attack Jewish homes and businesses Other citizens were invited to join in Broken glass everywhere 10,000 Jews were arrested and made to pay for repairs

13 Kristallnacht Convinced most of the German Jews that it was time to leave But by this time there was nowhere to go BUT…children’s transports to Britain Some individual true heroes

14 The United States Took people of “exceptional merit” Like Einstein
Gropius (architect) Mann ( writer) In the end, the U.S. accepted about 100,000

15 When refugees were turned away
We all knew what they were going back to The St. Louis a German ocean liner with on board (more than 700 had immigration papers to the US) Was forced to turn back France took them in but then France fell!

16 The Final Solution An effort to exterminate all of the Jews in Europe
Only ¼ million left in Germany But were rounded up in other conquered countries

17 First Resettlement (relocation)
Especially in Poland Sent to live in walled-up Ghettos Sometimes factories were built next to the Ghettos Forced slave labor Doctors weeded out those too weak, old to work

18 Then concentration Camps
Again, the weak were weeded out The rest were worked to death

19 The Final Solution 1942 The Wansee conference Planned extermination
Preferred method: Gas Six death camps built in Poland Most infamous and largest : Auschwitz 12,000 gassed per day

20 The Survivors 1945 liberation The Russians

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