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Compound & Complex Sentences Notes

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1 Compound & Complex Sentences Notes

2 Simple Sentence Group of words that expresses a complete thought and has one subject-predicate combination Amy loves horses.

3 Compound sentence Contains two or more simple sentences.
Each simple sentence is called a main clause (subject and predicate). Main clauses are joined either by a comma followed by a conjunction or by a semicolon. The comma may be omitted if the main clauses are short.

4 Compound sentence examples
Flowers are delicate, and they need tender care. Flowers are delicate; they need tender care.

5 Complex sentence Has a main clause and one or more subordinate clauses. Subordinate clauses also have a subject and predicate, but it cannot stand alone as a sentence. It depends on the main clause to complete its meaning. It (subordinate clause) can act as an adjective, adverb, or a noun.

6 Complex sentence examples
MAIN CLAUSE SUB. CLAUSE They are playing music that I like to hear. (adj.) We must stop skating when the music stops. (adverb) I will tell you what happened at the rink. (noun)

7 FANBOYS coordinating conjunctions
For - And - Nor - But - Or - Yet - So -

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