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Wall Treatments Background Surfaces/Coverings Advanced Interior Design.

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1 Wall Treatments Background Surfaces/Coverings Advanced Interior Design

2 Paint Quickest, Easiest, & Least Expensive way to change a wall covering. Most popular treatment Wide variety of colors

3 Selecting Paint Ceilings painted darker color than wall makes room appear top-heavy. Primer – a layer of primer before paint helps the paint to stay long term.

4 Selecting Paint When selecting paint, choose a color that is slightly lighter than the color desired. Remember that Dark colors make a room feel smaller.

5 Paint Categories –Latex Water based Available in many colors Easy to apply & clean up Quick-Drying –Oil Based “Alkyd” Stands up to heavy scrubbing (produces a washable surface) Brushes used to apply oil based paint can not be cleaned with warm water.

6 Paint – Flat Finish Flat finish softens walls and helps hide surface imperfections.

7 Paint - Eggshell An eggshell finish is easier to clean than a flat finish,

8 Specialty Painting RaggingSponging GlazeLime wash

9 High-gloss enamel provides a durable finish

10 Wallpaper Originally only for the rich Can be produced in a wide variety of prints and textures Good for disguising odd architectural details

11 Things to Remember w/Wallpaper Wall paper with vertical stripes make a wall appear taller. Large Patterns make a room appear smaller.

12 Purchasing Wallpaper Wallpaper comes Washable, Strippable, Scrubbable, or Pre-pasted. Strippable – easy to remove Scrubbable – design remains when scrubbed Pre-pasted – glue already applied to back Packaged and sold by the ROLL (not foot/yard). Run Number printed on wallpaper indicates which dye lot it came from.

13 Fabric Provides texture (heavy textures make a room appear smaller) Wide range of colors & patterns Could be total wall coverage Could be wall hanging Provides insulation

14 Vinyl-coated Wallpaper Recommended for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and Playrooms. WHY?

15 Wood paneling Available in a wide range of colors, grains & species Hides architectural flaws Provides insulation Chair Rail – Decorative molding that divides a wall.

16 Ceramic tile Attractive Durable Easily cleaned Glazed tile is best for high use areas

17 Mirrors Used for one wall or accent Makes room appear larger

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