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INTD 59 intro to kitchen & bath design kitchen finishes.

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1 INTD 59 intro to kitchen & bath design kitchen finishes

2 counter materials counters can really be created out of any surface imaginable—all have pros and cons: decorative laminate ceramic tile wood marble travertine solid-surface materials solid-surfacing veneer stainless steel granite slate can you think of others?

3 counter materials decorative laminate durable fairly inexpensive not a cutting surface will chip if heavy objects are dropped onto it for high-use & heavy-wear areas a heavier grade laminate is available

4 counter materials decorative laminate two thicknesses available—counter construction determines type specified: square-edge counters—general purpose rolled edges—postformed type required postformed countertops must be constructed at the plant rather than on site

5 counter materials ceramic tile popular for counters as well as backsplash durable grout most vulnerable; can specify stain-proof grout or grout sealer fragile items dropped onto counter may break— tile may crack or break as well sufficient tile for replacements should be ordered

6 counter materials wood usually made of hard wood—birch or maple should be sealed and coated with varnish— unsealed permanently absorbs stains if used as cutting surface, finish becomes marred water should be cleaned up immediately

7 counter materials marble often used as portions of countertop useful for rolling pastry or chocolate dipping may absorb stains or become pitted heavy items can crack the stone

8 counter materials quartz reminiscent of granite but available in a wider variety of color variations twice as strong as granite resists staining and abrasion no sealing, buffing or reconditioning needed

9 counter materials concrete may be poured on-site or at the factory poured with reinforcements added, then allowed to cure usually ground with diamond cutters then sealed with several coats of epoxy wax every 9-12 months

10 counter materials travertine must be filled in order to be used as countertop

11 counter materials granite has become very popular absorbs stains if not sealed construction of cabinets must be strong enough to support extra weight of stone

12 counter materials slate uneven surface may make cleaning difficult must be sealed

13 counter materials solid surface combines the smoothness of marble with solidity of granite and workability of wood manufactured as a continuous cast sheet nonporous highly resistant to abuse—sanding out flaws? dark colors may perform differently than light colors SSV (solid-surface veneers) use technology of solid surface, but only 1/8-1/2 inch thick

14 counter materials stainless steel can withstand scouring, boiling water and hot pans provide more of a high-tech, contemporary look surface may show scratches and water spots— scratches gradually blend into patina, spots removed by rubbing damp surface with towel

15 floors choice depends upon client’s needs and personal wishes some find hard-surfaced floor to be tiring to feet wood floors need to be finished with durable, moisture-resistant finish resilient flooring may add a little softness to the space

16 walls if painted, should be finish that is easily cleansed of grease residue backsplash should coordinate and should also be easily cleanable completely scrubbable wall covering is another alternative

17 participation activity: kitchen finishes … select the finishes for your kitchen final project—find the finishes that you want to use and request samples from the manufacturer so that you can use them on your materials board …find and compile installation and maintenance information for your selected finishes for use in your specification booklet …keep in mind the idea that multiple finishes in a kitchen makes the kitchen more interesting as well as possibly more functional

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