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Kitchens Interior Design Ms.McCann. The Art Institute of Houston AIH has a new program - Kitchen and Bath Design, Associate of Applied Arts 2 year program.

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1 Kitchens Interior Design Ms.McCann

2 The Art Institute of Houston AIH has a new program - Kitchen and Bath Design, Associate of Applied Arts 2 year program Job outlook: designer, retailer, manufacturer, installer, sales distributor/manufacturers' rep.

3 Kitchens This room serves as the meeting point or gathering place in todays homes.

4 Current trends high-end appliances wine refrigerators drink stations custom countertops of natural and high tech materials more overall square footage more storage space and built-in storage custom cabinetry flat screen televisions & tablet holders

5 Kitchens should reflect the needs, wants and lifestyle of the household they serve. Efficient layout and design is more important than size. Efficient design promotes safety.

6 Work Centers Kitchens are designed around work centers. These areas of the kitchen especially equipped for a particular chore.

7 Most work centers are built around a major appliance or fixture and include both counter and storage space.

8 A well-planned kitchen includes three basic work centers: food storage, cooking and cleanup. Some kitchens have mixing and planning centers as well.

9 Food storage center – the refrigerator stores fresh food and the Pantry stores sauces, mixes & canned foods. If it is convenient, store spices near the stove.

10 Cooking center – the focus is the range, microwave and oven. There must be ventilation in this area. Other items in this center are small appliances: mixers, blenders, toaster ovens, pots, pans & utensils are in this center as well.

11 Cleanup center The sink,dishwasher, garbage disposal, recycling bins & perhaps a trash can or compactor are in this center. Dishcloths & cleaning supplies are stored in this area as well. It is convenient to store plates, cups and flatware near the dishwasher.

12 Mixing center Much of the food preparation takes place here.

13 Mixing Center The Mixing Center is best located between the refrigerator & the sink or between the sink & the range. Mixing bowls, knives, cutting boards etc. should all be within easy reach.

14 Planning center The place to plan meals and store cookbooks, coordinate family messages, schedules and correspondence.

15 The Work Triangle The triangle is formed by drawing imaginary lines between the stove-top, sink and refrigerator.

16 The work triangle should be between 12 feet and 22 feet, slightly larger to accommodate a wheel chair. No one side of the work triangle should be longer than 9 feet or shorter than 4 feet.

17 The work triangle functions best when the 3 sides are nearly equal in length and traffic does not cross through it.

18 4 basic layouts of kitchens U - shaped

19 4 basic layouts of kitchens L - shaped

20 4 basic layouts of kitchens Galley

21 4 basic layouts of kitchens One Wall

22 Islands are free standing in the center of the kitchen.

23 This L - shaped kitchen has a peninsula.

24 Cabinets in the kitchen are both base and wall cabinets. Base cabinets are usually 24 inches deep. Wall cabinets are 12 inches deep. The cabinet width can be customized.

25 The color of the finishes of the cabinets should be chosen first, as it sets the tone of the kitchen. Light colored cabinets give a feeling of light airiness, spaciousness. Dark cabinets give a sense of richness and coziness.

26 Cabinets can be constructed of hardwood, softwood, plastic laminate or metal. The most durable cabinet is hardwood.

27 Countertops should be attractive and durable. The ideal countertop would withstand chopping, grinding, cutting, hot dishes and stains. No material has all these features!

28 Plastic Laminate Economical choice, easy to clean & comes in a range of colors. It scratches, scorches and it is difficult to repair.

29 Solid Surface Easy to clean, durable,resists germs and mildew and comes in a range of colors It can scorch It is expensive

30 Wood, Butcher Block Good for chopping Not very sanitary, must bleach & sand it often

31 Ceramic Tile Durable, yet decorative, heat, scratch and scorch resistant

32 Ceramic Tile Disadvantages: The grout, the space between the tiles, must be sealed to prevent staining The surface can be uneven

33 Marble and Granite Good for pastry orcandy making Stains easily and is expensive Durable and stain resistant

34 Marble and Granite Countertops Can be very expensive

35 Concrete Countertops Resists scorching & scratching, stains readily Can have inlays of tile, pebbles, fossils, stones But it can crack & chip

36 Concrete Countertops

37 Stainless steel Easy to clean Expensive, can dent & scratch, shows fingerprints

38 Backsplash is the vertical countertop that runs up to the wall cabinet

39 ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! The rounding and dog earring of countertop edges can reduce accidents and injuries in the kitchen.

40 Electrical outlets are placed 5 to 6 feet apart on walls and countertops. G.F.C.I. outlets are smart choices!

41 For ventilation three choices are available: Range or canopy hoods

42 Microwave range hood

43 Down-draft hood

44 Universal Design elements in kitchens Ample room to maneuver about in a wheelchair Countertops with rounded edges Lower countertop heights Large, easy to grip cabinet pulls

45 More… Base cabinets that allow for wheelchair accessibility Illuminated cabinet interiors Turntables, pullout shelves in the base cabinets

46 Pull out shelves make storage easily accessible. Modified base cabinets allow wheelchair assisted persons to get close up for certain tasks.

47 A Lazy Susan turntable helps to utilize space that would otherwise be dead. Pull out shelves also utilize space.

48 When shopping for appliances: Do your research Check out consumer information and reviews Shop for Energy Star appliances and fixtures

49 When shopping... Choose the special features and style you desire Be aware of the PRICE!!

50 Ranges can be built-in or drop-in Induction, gas or electric

51 Induction range Electromagnetic coils below a ceramic-glass surface transfer energy to the cooking pot/pan above the coils, keeping the rest of the cooktop cool.

52 Gas Ranges Controlled gas flames heat open burners.

53 Electric Ranges Electric coils under a ceramic-glass surface warm the smooth cooktop on an electric range. The coils heat the surface. Electric coils are exposed

54 Ovens can be: conventional (heat) convection (uses fans to circulate heated air over the food) microwave halogen (powerful halogen lights that reduce cooking time dramatically) rapid-cook (combination conventional & convection).

55 Self Cleaning Ovens Pyrolitic ovens use heat to destroy debris Catalytic ovens have enzymes inlaid in the oven lining that destroys debris

56 Dishwashers are now available in a 2 drawer design, great for universal design.

57 Garbage disposals either continuous or batch-feed.

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