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Chapter 14 Notes. Parquet – Mastic – Resilient (Flooring)– Joist – Terrazzo–

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1 Chapter 14 Notes

2 Parquet – Mastic – Resilient (Flooring)– Joist – Terrazzo–

3 Radiant (Flooring) – Grout – Truss –

4 Wood Floor Construction Uses support beams, joists or trusses, subfloor and finished floor Floor framing is platform or balloon framing (see pg 253) Live-load = weight of furniture, people and possessions Average is 30lbs/sq. ft. Concrete Floor Construction Most common in basements and garages Two types – thickened edge slab and floating slab (see pg 256) Thickened edge more sound Each type greatly affects early construction stages, why?

5 Materials vs. Coverings: Materials: part of the structure AND surface Coverings: surface only Materials: Wood – often called hardwood Wear resistant, available and renewable May be “hard” woods, “soft” woods or laminates Strip wood flooring has tongue and groove edges, may need sleepers when installed Wood Planks are wider than strips, may require mastic for installation or a floating floor Parquet flooring is also called wood block flooring, is decorative and needs finishing for protection

6 Ceramic Tile Needs little maintenance, expensive to install, cool on toes Comes in glazed, mosaic and quarry/paver styles Glazed=durable & no extra finishing needed Mosaic=popular in baths and kitchens, mounted to backing, quick to install Quarry/Paver=high traffic areas, may be used outside Grout is needed to fill space between tiles Cementitious or resinous Concrete & Masonry High resistance to wear Used in and outside Brick, Slate & Flagstone are popular choices More expensive than others Cannot be changed easily Terrazzo

7 Carpets & Rugs Depends on fiber construction, texture and density Made of wool, nylon, polyester and olefin Pile – the density of a soft floor covering Padding protects the carpet and provides comfort Why not hair or felt padding? When are they used? Wool Nylon Polyester Olefin Know your construction and pile types (see pg 266)

8 Any smooth hard materials Tiles – Cemented or glued to floor Less waste than sheets Easy to replace damaged Sheet style– comes on roll Seamless Good for areas with water Asphalt Tiles Least expensive Moisture resistant but not grease Cork Tiles Expensive Light traffic Wax finishing for protection Rubber Tiles Not common in homes Medium maintenance Many colors & patterns Vinyl Tiles Most durable in homes No wax finish – easy to care for

9 Always think function Beautiful may not mean durable Consider cost Should not go cheapest because of semi- permanent status Consider care Busy people may not want high maintenance flooring Or it may be costly to have done professionally Match it to total design Can affect perceived size of room

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