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PAPER HOUSES Create a 3D House or Cabin.

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1 PAPER HOUSES Create a 3D House or Cabin












13 STEP 1: Sketch a Floorplan

14 Requirements: Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Living Room Laundry Room Dining Room

15 Base: 12x 20 STEP 2: Get a 12x20 firm base

16 STEP 3: Draw Floor Plan on Base You might want to start with the front door TIP: Use a pencil and ruler!

17 Use Architectural Symbols

18 Scale 1/2=1 (half an inch = one foot)

19 STEP 4: NEATLY Label and Measure each Room If a room is 6 x 8 actual size, put 12 x 16 beneath the room name. Dont forget hallways! They should be at last 3 (1-1/2) wide

20 STEP 5: Walls & Windows Cut 4 strips of additional thick paper. Cut each wall to the correct length for each room, hallway, etc. Carefully cut windows and doors out of each wall where they need to be. Only cut three sides for each door to create a hinge! Use an Xacto knife and metal ruler. BE CAREFUL! Hot glue or tape each wall in place. Glue walls together for stability.

21 STEP 6: External Walls Cut two 4 tall walls for the front and back of the house. Cut two 8 tall walls for the two shorter walls. – These shorter walls will have gables (triangular shaped peaks).

22 STEP 7: Add a Roof Cut a thick piece of paper about ¼ wider and longer than the house. Fold it in half length-wise. Set it in place.

23 STEP 8: Glue house to a green piece of construction paper that is 2 larger than the house on all sides.


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