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Applying for your credential College of Education Office of Student Services.

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1 Applying for your credential College of Education Office of Student Services

2 Contact Us College of Education Office of Student Services EBA-259 (619) 594-6320

3 Your Credential Analyst Last names beginning A – KLast names beginning L - Z Nhung “Ann” Nguyen (619) 594-6320 Sylvia Hernandez (619) 594-6320

4 Our Process  Complete and submit the Application for Credential Evaluation by our priority deadline  February 16, 2015  Your credential analyst will review your records, verify that all requirements have been met and will send you a status email  When grades post your analyst will reopen your file and complete the recommendation process  Files are worked in date order so applying by the priority deadline ensures that if all requirements are met, you will be recommended for your credential by approximately mid July.  Submitting your credential request form by the deadline will ensure your name is on the list for all commencement activities! You do not need to apply for graduation with the university.

5 The Application Form Can be found on our website:  Complete the “credential request form-all” The Form Includes: Page 1 – Instructions/Checklist Page 2- Instructions on paying your SDSU Evaluation Processing Fee Page 3 - Application Page (where you tell us who you are and what type of credential you are applying for)

6 Required documents to be submitted with your application  Credential Request Form (page 3 of your application packet)  Verification of payment of your credential evaluation fee  Copy of CPR certification for infant, child, and adult (all three required)  Copy of RICA score report (not required for Single Subject)  Copy of verification that you completed the CSU exit survey This survey could be completed at the end the semester. Please send in your final confirmation page to your credential analyst to complete your file

7 Preliminary Credential Requirements  In addition to the required documents listed previously, the following are required for the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential:  Valid Health Course- TE 280 or its equivalent  U.S Constitution- course or exam  All CSU graduates (Bachelor's) have fulfilled this requirement, as it is required for graduation.  All other students should contact their credential analyst with any questions.

8 How to clear your preliminary teaching credential?  Your preliminary document is valid for five years.  R14I Renewal Statement:  To renew the preliminary credential, the holder must complete the Commission-approved Induction program through the employer.  If you teach at a private school that does not offer induction, you may be released from induction and enroll in the General Education Clear Credential program to clear your credential. *** At SDSU, we offer the General Education Clear Credential Program online.

9 Extension option is available  You are eligible to apply for a three year extension by mailing an appeal request to the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  An application 41-4 could be downloaded from the CTC website:  Form CL884 is required to be submitted with your application  Application fee of $70.00 make payable to CTC.

10 Supplementary/Subject Matter – What are they?  Supplementary Authorizations (SA) and Subject Matter Authorizations (SMA) are authorizations that can be added to a basic credential.  SA/SMA’s allow an educator to teach in a subject area other than the subject area of the basic credential earned.  SA/SMA’s can only be earned on the basis of course work.  In general, SMA’s are No Child Left Behind Compliant (NCLB), SA’s are not.  Education/methodology courses cannot be counted.

11 Supplementary/Subject matter—What are they?  If you have at least 12 units of coursework in another subject, you may check the supplementary/subject matter authorization box on your credential request form.  Your analyst will review your transcripts to see if you could qualify for any additional authorization (teaching middle school).  For those who are interested, we will go over the supplementary and subject matter authorizations in more detail at the end of the meeting. Please sign up if you are interested to attend the SMA/Supplementary workshop

12 Supplementary/Subject Matter Authorizations - Resources For a detailed list of available subjects and requirements see:  SMA:  SA for Single Subject  SA for Multiple Subject  Worksheets

13 FAQ’s  Do I need to submit a copy of my score reports even if I had the scores sent to SDSU when I took the exam?  We recommend submitting a copy of your score report regardless, this will ensure that we can process your application without delay.  Can I fax my application?  No, as indicated at the top of page 1, we do not accept faxed or photocopied applications because we require an original signature on file.  Applications can be mailed.  What if my CPR certification is expired?  You are required to have a valid CPR certification for infants, children, and adults. If your CPR card is expired you will be required to get re-certified.

14 Question? If you have specific questions and would like to schedule an appointment, please email your credential analyst. Last names beginning A – KLast names beginning L - Z Nhung “Ann” Nguyen (619) 594-6320 Sylvia Hernandez (619) 594-6320

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