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CEHHS Student Services Center ICP - Multiple Subject Credential Program Finishing Information Spring 2015.

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1 CEHHS Student Services Center ICP - Multiple Subject Credential Program Finishing Information Spring 2015

2 STUDENT SERVICES CENTER University Hall, Room 221 (760) 750-4277 Office Hours: Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. *Drop Box also located outside of our office area

3 CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PRIORITY DEADLINE DATE Friday, March 27 th, 2015 Please return credential application packet to: Student Services Center School of Education Cal State San Marcos University Hall, Room 221 San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

4 CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PROCESS The evaluation will advise you of any requirements needed before recommendation of your credential. You will receive an electronic credential evaluation by April 20 th, 2015 if you apply by the priority deadline date. Packets may be submitted after March 27th, however, an email evaluation response will not be guaranteed by April 20th. Electronic recommendations will not begin until grades are posted – approximately June 2014.

5 TO BE RETURNED TO THE EDUCATION SERVICES CENTER CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PACKET TO BE RETURNED TO THE EDUCATION SERVICES CENTER Credential Evaluation Request Form – Application for Recommendation: Credential Evaluation Fee Payment Form: Optional : Supplementary OR Subject Matter Authorization Request tml tml PRIORITY DEADLINE: Friday, March 27 th, 2015

6 CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PROCESS 1st step   Complete and submit the credential evaluation request (Application for Recommendation) and evaluation fee by the priority deadline date. 2 nd step   Your file is reviewed to make sure all requirements have been met. After final grades are posted in June, and we verify that you have successfully completed all requirements and course work, a Credential Analyst recommends you for a credential via the CTC online recommendation system. We anticipate the recommendation process will be complete by the end of June for those ICP students who have met all requirements and submitted applications by the priority deadline date. All other applications will be processed on a date-order basis.

7 CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PROCESS 3rd step   CTC will email you a notification of recommendation for your credential. This notification will provide a link that instructs you to complete your credential application process. The initial email may not list all authorizations for your credential.   You will also pay credential fees. Payment by MasterCard, VISA, debit/credit card, or a one-time credit card (available at most grocery stores) is the only option for payment of the on-line recommendation.   The credential fee is $72.00 or less depending on available credit. If you have a credit on file with CTC, you may be directed to submit a different amount.

8 CREDENTIAL APPLICATION PROCESS 4th step   Credential is issued by CTC on-line; no paper document will be issued.  Click on the navy blue rectangle box that says, “Online Services for Educators.”  You may verify issuance of your credential at: Click on the navy blue rectangle box that says, “Online Services for Educators.”  On the page that opens, click on the LARGE navy blue rectangle box that says, “EDUCATOR PAGE.”  The page that opens will ask for the SSN and DoB. Follow the “next” prompts on the following pages to see your credential information.

9 HELPFUL HINTS   All correspondence from CTC will be via email. Please make sure to use a current, regularly checked, email address.   Past experience suggests that you should use a Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail account for your correspondence with CTC. District email addresses generally have many firewalls and emails from CTC are often returned or sent directly to your junk mailbox.   When completing your portion of the online recommendation process for your credential, you may need to use a PC; Mac users may experience system glitches.

10 Money Matters When you receive document verification, don’t forget to register your credential in the county of employment!  San Diego County:   Credentials Division   San Diego County Office of Educ   6401 Linda Vista Road, #404A   San Diego, CA 92111   (858) 292-3581  San Diego Unified School District:   Personnel Administration   San Diego Unified School District   4100 Normal Street   San Diego, CA 92103   (619) 293-8150  Riverside County:   Credentials & Certification Services   Riverside County Office of Educ   P. O. Box 868   Riverside, CA 92502-0868   (951) 788-6669  Orange County:   Credentials Division   Orange County Department of Educ   200 Kalmus Drive   Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050   (714) 966-4236

11 IMPORTANT DATES AND INFORMATION These dates will be helpful when completing resumes and job applications: Credential Effective Date: May 21, 2015 Credential Expiration Date: April 1, 2020


13 CREDENTIALING REQUIREMENTS (continued)   B.A. DEGREE   US CONSTITUTION – approved course, approved exam or a bachelor’s degree from a CSU institution.   HEALTH EDUCATION COURSE   ORIGINAL CPR CARD - infant, child and adult -Please sign card and submit a photocopy of both sides.   CLINICAL PRACTICE (CP) - Successful completion of Beginning CP, Advanced CP, and corresponding TPE Checklist/Summary.   TPA’s- Successful completion and verification of passing scores.

14 Grading Policies Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) is given for student teaching/intern teaching. The minimum acceptable final grade for the courses in the professional education sequence is C+ (2.3), but a B (3.0) average must be maintained.

15 RICA You must provide a copy of your official RICA score sheet or have your test results reported electronically from the testing agency in order to qualify for the credential Unofficial internet scores are not acceptable. Year Round Computer-Based Testing Now Available

16 ENGLISH LEARNER AUTHORIZATION (ELA)   ELD – Instruction for English Language Development   SDAIE – Specially Designed Academic Instruction delivered in English   ELA is embedded in the SB 2042 program and is the same authorization as CLAD or CTEL

17 Bilingual Authorization (BLA) : Spanish   Students must successfully complete the following additional requirements for BLA: Spanish eligibility: EDUC 653 EDUC 654 EDMS 573 (bilingual teaching placement) CSET LOTE III This authorization covers: ELD SDAIE Primary Language Instruction

18 CSU San Marcos – one of the following: EDUC 571 – 2 units (includes CPR) PE 203 – 3 units PE 201 – 4 units Mira Costa College Health Education 101 – 3 units Palomar College Health Education 100 – 3 units Mesa College Health Education 190 – 1 unit (on-line classes available) Health Education - Options

19 If you are in the process of completing this requirement, please provide an official transcript with the course and grade posted. *********** Please have an official transcript mailed to your home and do not open the transcript upon receipt. Submit the official transcript to the Student Services Center in University Hall 221. Health Education Additional Information

20 CPR - Options MUST COVER INFANT, CHILD AND ADULT A-B-CPR(760) 434-7756 (858) 693-3304 AMERICAN RED CROSS – Escondido (760) 745-3221 POMERADO HOSPITAL - Poway (858) 485-4175 AMERICAN RED CROSS – Oceanside (760) 757-5403 On-Line

21 Credential Path Preliminary Credential (Valid for 5 Years) Bachelor’s Degree State approved credential program Apply through university Fee payment Clear Credential BTSA/Induction Program Apply through employer Fee payment Credential Renewal application at Fee Payment

22 ADDED AUTHORIZATION: SINGLE SUBJECT To add a Single Subject Authorization, complete: 1. Subject Matter Competency by taking the appropriate subject matter exams (Please refer to ) OR Complete appropriate Single Subject Waiver Program AND 2. 3-semester unit or 4-quarter unit single subject (secondary) pedagogy course that aligns with the specific content area requested and completed through an institution with a CTC- approved program for the credential type or content area sought.

23 Supplementary Authorizations / Subject Matter Authorizations   Supplementary Authorizations (SA) are not NCLB compliant, however, they may indicate to an employer that you have background in a subject area and are making progress towards a Subject Matter Authorization.   SA’s are valid in non-core academic areas.   Subject Matter Authorizations (SMA) are NCLB compliant   SA/SMA Workshops are held each semester:

24 Master of Arts in Education The School of Education Masters Program allows for greater student choice and subject/course availability by offering the following options for a breadth of study:   General Education   Educational Administration   Special Education

25 Commencement Ceremony   School of Education Credential students are invited to participate in the Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony on May 15 th and 16 th, 2015.   You are not required to apply to graduate if you are only receiving your credentials. However, you will be responsible for checking the website for graduation information.   For additional information see: 

26 EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION CSUSM Career Center: or (760) 750-4893 CAEE – California Association for Employment in Education State-wide job openings see: (EDJOIN) or (Teach California )

27 Out of State Credentials Out of State Credentials Transferring California Certification to Another State   Request a list of credential requirements and necessary application forms from the State Department of Education in the state where you wish to obtain certification   Links for the State Departments of Education are found at: Click on: Related Links Click on: Educational Organizations in Other States   The CSUSM Education Services Center processes the forms verifying completion of a credential program for current and former CSUSM students.

28 THE END Spring 2015

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