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Department of Education

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1 Department of Education
Cal Poly Pomona Department of Education

2 Basic Teacher Credential Programs Offered
Multiple Subject Credential (elementary/middle school teaching) Single Subject Credential (secondary/middle school teaching) Education Specialist Credentials (Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe disabilities)

3 How Long Is The Program? The Credential Programs offered at Cal Poly Pomona are designed to be completed in approximately 1 year, once prerequisite courses are complete, and if candidates enroll in three to four courses per quarter. For part-time students, the time expected to complete the program varies based on the pace individuals set for themselves. The average number of quarters, however, is four to five. Other factors that may affect length of the program are whether students choose the standard route or the internship route…

4 Standard Students & Interns
There are two routes you may take in order to complete a teacher credential program at Cal Poly Pomona. Course and exam requirements remain the same; it is the way in which the program is completed that may vary. Standard Students complete all coursework first, then spend the last two quarters of the program completing clinical practice requirements. The Office of Clinical Practice places standard students in their teaching assignments. Teacher Interns complete clinical practice requirements throughout the program, while employed in schools, as the “Teacher of Record”.

5 Costs & Financial Aid For costs associated with earning a credential, please visit the Financial Aid website: For information regarding Financial Aid, please visit the link below. Questions related to Financial Aid may be directed to: Lupe Linares, Financial Aid Counselor

6 People Who Can Help! University Admissions Questions:
Dulce Guerrero, Admissions Counselor (909) Financial Aid Questions: Lupe Linares, Financial Aid Counselor (909) __________________________________ Multiple Subject Credential Program: Minerva Camacho, Credential Analyst (909) Single Subject Credential Program: Jennifer Padilla, Credential Analyst (909) Education Specialist Credential Program: Geri Hunt, Credential Analyst (909)

7 Remember, this process is different from Credential Program Admissions
First Step: University Admissions (1st of 4 Applications Needed for Credential Programs) All candidates for the credential programs must first be admitted to the university as a post-baccalaureate student. (Credential Program admissions will come at a later time). University Admissions Requirements: Complete the CSU Graduate Application: Bachelor’s Degree verification Official Transcripts from all colleges or universities Minimum GPA of 2.5 Other items may be requested by the Office of Admissions & Outreach Remember, this process is different from Credential Program Admissions

8 After Admission to the University…
Pre-requisites: Enroll in your pre-requisite courses. To view all requirements, click on the link below and search for the program flyer for the credential you are pursuing: If you are considering adding a Spanish, Cantonese, or Mandarin Bilingual Authorization, meet with the Bilingual Programs Coordinator and schedule time to complete Bilingual Authorization requirements Exams: Finish your exams if you haven’t already! Refer to your credential program flyer to determine which exams are required Program Planning & Advising: Meet with your Academic Advisor to complete the Student Program Plan Advisors: Student Program Plans: Program Application: Start preparing your Credential Program Admissions Packet (see next slide)

9 Credential Program Admissions Packet (2nd of 4 Applications Needed for Credential Programs)
Requirements for Credential Program Consideration Complete or be enrolled in the last of the Pre-requisites Overall GPA Requirement is 2.67 Certificate of Clearance TB Clearance CBEST (or other Basic Skills Requirement CSET (required for MS candidates) OR appropriate Subject Matter Preparation Program (for ES and SS candidates) Student Program Plan Statement of Purpose Academic Recommendation Experience With Youth Recommendation Interview – Group or Individual depending on Credential Proof of attendance at an orientation $25.00 check or money order Credential Program Admissions Packets can be found here:

10 After Admission to the Credential Program…
Refer to the Student Program Plan you set with your Academic Advisor and enroll in the appropriate core courses (there are usually 6-7 courses, depending on your credential type) Maintain an overall 3.0 in all credential coursework; grades lower than “C” in credential coursework are not acceptable Work with your instructors if you receive any “incomplete” grades If you were interested in adding the Bilingual Authorization, now is the time to ensure requirements are in progress and will be complete prior to beginning Clinical Practice Pay attention to the deadlines for applying to Clinical Practice so you don’t miss an opportunity and delay your program. Deadline information can be found here: TPA requirement…

11 Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA)
As of 2007, all multiple and single subject teacher candidates in the state of California are required to complete and pass a Teaching Performance Assessment based on the Teaching Performance Expectations. Cal Poly Pomona uses the California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) which includes 4 tasks: Task 1 “Subject-Specific Pedagogy” (Completed in TED 444/446) Task 2 “Designing Instruction” (Completed in TED 443/432) Task 3 “Assessing Learning”(Completed in Clinical Practice I) Task 4 “Culminating Teaching Experience” (Completed in Clinical Practice II) Like the CSET, CBEST, or RICA, the CalTPA is a high stakes assessment. You MUST pass all 4 tasks with a score of 3 or 4 in order to earn your California teaching credential. Contact: Dr. Amy Gimino, TPA Coordinator

12 Clinical Practice (3rd of 4 Applications Needed for Credential Programs)
Applications for Clinical Practice can be found here: TB Clearance and Certificate of Clearance documents that were submitted with your Credential Program Admissions Packet must be valid, and remain valid throughout the remainder of the program. Verification of successfully passing TPA’s 1 & 2 Two Quarters of Clinical Practice are required and the Office of Clinical Practice will place you in your assignments. Students may not arrange their own placements. Enroll in supporting coursework - refer to your Student Program Plan Students must receive a Credit (CR) grade in this portion of the program

13 Alternative Clinical Practice (Internship) (3rd of 4 Applications Needed for Credential Programs)
Work full-time as a teacher, attend classes in the evenings! If you are able to find a position as a teacher in a school that we are contracted to work with, you may be eligible to begin an internship, provided you have met the following requirements: Hold a Bachelor’s Degree Are admitted to the University and Credential Program Complete the pre-requisites Complete an Intern Orientation Complete an Intern Interview Meet the US Constitution Requirement Have an offer of employment For more information, please click on the link below:

14 Applying for Your Preliminary Credential (4th of 4 Applications Needed for Credential Programs)
Upon successful completion of clinical practice requirements, you will be notified that the time has come to apply for your credential! Items that may be requested include: Application Official Transcripts RICA – Required for all MS & ES Candidates Adult, Child & Infant CPR US Constitution – Required for ALL candidates TPA Requirement – successful completion of TPA’s 1-4 $25 Check or Money Order payable to Cal Poly Pomona CSU Exit Survey

15 Check with a Credential Analyst for further details.
Adding Subject Areas (2nd Credentials) between Multiple and Single Subject Credentials Adding the SS Credential to a MS Credential: TED 434 (Single Subject Methods Course) Subject Matter Competency (CSET or Subject Matter Program) Adding the MS Credential to a SS Credential: TED 451 (Multiple Subject Methods Course) TED 443 (Reading Course) effective January 1, 2014 Multiple Subject CSET RICA Adding another Subject to a SS Credential: Check with a Credential Analyst for further details. You may apply directly to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) once the above requirements have been met.

16 Adding Authorizations and the Education Specialist Credential
A variety of options exist… See the Education Specialist website for the most recent information:

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