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Gear Up for Graduation Graduate School Workshop Fall 2014.

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1 Gear Up for Graduation Graduate School Workshop Fall 2014

2 Graduation vs. Commencement Graduation = program completion Commencement = ceremony Commencement Details Held only in the spring Saturday May 9, 2015 Fall graduates are encouraged to participate Details sent via email mid-spring Confirm attendance & order regalia Diplomas not distributed at ceremony

3 Degree Documents Transcript What is a transcript? A transcript is a copy of the permanent academic (educational) record at an institution of higher education. It becomes an official transcript when the seal of the institution is affixed and the signature of an authorized person is appended Lists all official degree information Degree type (MS, MA, PHD) Major Specialization (must be in Graduate Catalog) Official graduation date All courses and grades Official/Unofficial Order through the Records OfficeRecords Office Hold for degree

4 Degree Documents Diploma Degree certificate Lists the degree type Master of Education, Doctor of Philosophy Completion Date Diplomas are not sent to outside entities by SDSU Diploma Distribution Records Office Email with order information sent to Jacks account Indicate delivery or pick up

5 Degree Documents Transcripts are available approximately 1 month after semester ends Diplomas available approximately 3 months after semester ends Degree Verification Graduate School can provide a degree letter All requirements must be complete Only available until degree is posted on transcript

6 Graduation Timeline Graduate School Graduation Deadlines Set 1 semester ahead Posted onlineonline All must be met, no extensions Failure to meet results in delay of degree

7 Fall 2014 Graduation Deadlines *October 2 – Graduation Application & Charge Due *November 14 – Final Oral Exam Completed *November 21 – Thesis/Dissertation Submitted for Initial Format Check *December 8 – Final Thesis/Dissertation Deposited *December 17 – Official Graduation Date (no ceremony)

8 Graduation Application & Charge Graduation Application must be submitted for file to be reviewed Advisor signature required $50.00 graduation charge Must accompany application Refunded if degree is granted Refund is through direct deposit, enter information via Web AdvisorWeb Advisor Charge is forfeited if degree is not awarded Graduation application Please make sure major and specialization is listed correctly Certificates programs must be on Graduation Application If degree is not awarded, you must reapply

9 Final Oral Exam (Defense) The final oral exam should be completed during the final semester, required for all graduate students Exam is scheduled by the student and advisor Final oral exam form submitted at least 2 weeks prior to exam PhD students Comprehensive Oral Exam must be 2 months prior to Final Oral Exam Continuous enrollment is required until all degree requirements are complete

10 Thesis/Dissertation Format Check Format check is required for all thesis/dissertation students Submission is electronic via D2L Instructions available onlineonline Formatting requirements and example document onlineonline Thesis/Dissertation Workshop – Oct 1, 9:00am; Oct 2, 4:00pm USU 262 Option B Research Paper – submitted to department only

11 Final Submission of Thesis/Dissertation Format check must be complete and all edits made Signed acceptance page submitted by deadline $45 fee paid to Briggs Library by deadline Pays for printing & binding of University copies Additional copies available for small fee

12 Plan of Study Make sure Plan of Study is up to date Change of Plan of Study form An assessment will be sent prior to the final oral exam All Graduate Catalog requirements must be met 3.0 minimum GPA

13 Surveys PhD students are to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorate SED tracks doctorate research, funding, awarded degrees and post graduation plans All graduate students will receive an exit survey via Jacks email Complete as soon as possible

14 Graduation Checklist  Submit graduation application  Schedule final oral exam with committee  Submit final oral exam form  2 weeks prior to Final Oral Exam Date  Complete final oral exam  Submit thesis/dissertation for format check  Submit final thesis/dissertation  Submit Option B research paper to department  Complete all coursework requirements on Plan of Study


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