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Keara Danger Certification Timeline Teacher applies for Temporary Certificate: * Online application at or * Complete.

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1 Keara Danger

2 Certification Timeline Teacher applies for Temporary Certificate: * Online application at or * Complete CG10 Form and send $75 per subject to DOE in Tallahassee. Teacher receives Statement of Eligibility. This will delineate what the teacher needs to do to get the temporary and/or professional certificate. SOE will always request submission of a CT111, which will verify employment.

3 Teacher completes Livescan Fingerprint Process (instructions can be found on Head of School submits Request for Issuance (CT- 111) Teacher receives Temporary Certificate.

4 Teacher completes requirements listed on SOE, including (PECD) Professional Education Competency Demonstration Program, if needed. Teacher receives Professional Certificate valid for five years. During validity period of certificate teacher participates in sufficient professional development (inservice) to renew certificate. This could be two 3-credit college courses OR one 3- credit college course and 60 inservice points OR 120 inservice points. Also, a passing score on a Florida subject area test specific to the coverage to be renewed is equivalent to three (3) semester hours of college credit for renewal purposes.

5 Before validity period ends teacher renews online, or completes Renewal of Certification Form CG10R. Renewal application will ask to report professional development being used for renewal. If college courses were taken, teacher sends official transcript to the DOE. If the teacher took their subject area test and results should automatically be sent to the DOE. If the teacher is using inservice credit, the teacher must contact the FCIS Office,, to submit the CT-116 verifying inservice hours. Teacher receives Professional Certificate valid for five years.

6 PECD Professional Education Competency Demonstration Program If a teacher’s Statement of Eligibility says that he or she has not satisfied the PEC requirement, then you will need to purchase a PECD manual from the FCIS Office and then the head of your school (or a person designated by the head) must put the new teacher through the program. The teacher MUST have a current temporary certificate while completing the program. The dates of the PECD participation MUST be within the validity dates of their temporary certificate. To order the FAANS Professional Education Competency Demonstration Program (PECD) please contact the FCIS Office to order. The manual will be mailed along with an invoice for $50.00.

7 To Order Forms Email Keara Danger,, to request CT111 (Request for Issuance), applications (CG10/CG10R) or Livescan Fingerprint Instructions Contact the Florida Department of Education,, by using their e-mail service form.

8 Master Inservice The FCIS Master Inservice Plan is designed to assist FCIS schools in assisting their teachers with earning inservice credit for recertification. A teacher may earn inservice credit in two ways:

9 1. Workshops organized by their school and held on campus. The Master Inservice Coordinator completes the Application for Inservice Activity form and submits it to FCIS for approval at least 30 days prior to the activity. FCIS staff indicates approval of the activity by signing the form and assigning an activity number (activity # will be recorded by MIS Coordinator on completion certificate). A copy of the form is then returned to the MI Coordinator.

10 The coordinator keeps an attendance log for the workshop. The workshop might be completed in two or three sessions or spread out over several months; either is acceptable. Once the workshop is completed, the coordinator requests the number of Certificates of Completion needed (only certified teachers receive certificates), has the workshop participants complete them, and then returns the top copies to FCIS. Certificate on Completions may also be found on the FCIS website in a Word Doc. (, School Resources)

11 Keep in mind that any small workshop, between 2-9 hours, must be counted under the Professional Growth and Development component, #8 408 001. The Master Inservice Coordinator keeps a running total for each teacher and then completes the paperwork (Certificate of Completion) at the end of the school year. At least 12 hours must be earned within a school year.

12 2. One or more teachers attend a workshop off campus. Teachers should take the Inservice Independent Activity form to the workshop and complete it during the workshop. Of particular importance is the section where the teacher lists the sessions, times and dates. Teachers submit the form to their Master Inservice Coordinator who then signs it and sends it to FCIS. FCIS can accept a certificate from the workshop as long as the certificate has the title, participation dates, number of hours and the teacher’s full name.

13 In either case the Master Inservice Coordinator is responsible for identifying the appropriate component number and name from the Master Inservice Manual. Each component has a maximum number of points. No matter how many hours the teacher devotes to the workshop, the maximum may not be exceeded per 5-year renewal period. The teacher earns one inservice point for each hour spent in a workshop. There are a wide variety of components, enough to fit virtually any activity.

14 Remember: All paperwork for inservice credit must be submitted by the end of July of that school year. No teacher can use more than 60 Professional Growth and Development points for renewal of a certificate. MI Coordinators should request FCIS completion certificates for certified teachers ONLY. Meetings and planning sessions do not count for inservice credit. To obtain a Master Inservice Manual, contact the FCIS Office, You will be billed $75.






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