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Obtaining Your Florida Teaching Certificate Will you graduate from a teacher education program in Florida?  The following UCF programs are considered.

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2 Obtaining Your Florida Teaching Certificate

3 Will you graduate from a teacher education program in Florida?  The following UCF programs are considered teacher education programs:  Art Education, B.S. & MAT  Early Childhood Development & Education, Track One (B.S.)  Elementary Education, B.S. & M.A.  English Language Arts Education, B.S. & MAT  Exceptional Student Education, B.S. & M.A.  Mathematics Education, B.S. & M.A.  Science Education, B.S. & M.A. (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Tracks)  Social Science Education, B.S. & M.A.  World Language Education, B.S. (French and Spanish Tracks)

4 Make sure your transcript is COMPLETE  NOTE: Request multiple copies of your transcript through the MYUCF portal.  Open a copy for your records to ensure it says everything it is supposed to say and keep the other copies sealed to give to employers and the FLDOE  Date of degree conferral at the top of the transcript  Statement about national accreditation, state-program approval, ESOL Endorsement (if applicable to program), Reading Endorsement (if applicable to program) at the top of the transcript

5 AFTER you have graduated and your transcript is COMPLETE…  If your transcript reads appropriately, you will apply for a Statement of Status of Eligibility through the Florida Department of Education  Visit  If your transcript is missing anything, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Affairs & Partnerships at 407-823-3723  The next slides show the pages you will visit to apply for your Statement of Status of Eligibility

6 If you have graduated from a teacher education program at UCF… Click on “Graduate of a Teacher Education Program”

7 Then you will… Click on “Florida graduates of approved programs”

8 Below “Florida Graduates of Approved Programs”… Click on “Begin the Steps to Certification”

9 The system will walk you through a 4 step process Each step is important to read. Click on all 4 steps, read each carefully.

10 Once you have read all 4 steps… Click on “Apply for Your Certificate” at the bottom of the page.

11 Choose an option…it is easier to apply online… Click “Apply Online”

12 Once you begin the application, you must have the following:  Social Security Number  Visa or Mastercard to pay for the processing fee  Note: The application fee is $75 PER SUBJECT AREA  If you have been offered a job and it requires more than one subject area, apply for each required subject area  If your job only requires one subject area and it is in the program of your MAJOR (like Elementary Education K-6 or Mathematics Education 6-12), apply for that subject area to save money and apply for the additional subject areas later  For the ESOL ENDORSEMENT and READING ENDORSEMENT  You will choose the “Endorsement” as the subject area, not the K-12 certification option. You will be eligible to teach K-12 in ESOL and/or Reading. Having an endorsement is more convenient anyway, because you typically do not have to take additional coursework during renewal to keep the endorsement.

13 Once you begin the application, you must have the following:  Official copies of your transcripts.  Options for delivery to the FLDOE  1. Request an official transcript be sent by UCF to the Florida DOE  2. Request official transcript be sent to you and you will submit them to the Florida DOE.  Electronic copies of your transcript are not possible to send to the Florida DOE unless a contact person has requested them via e-mail.

14 Once you have submitted the online application…  Be sure to send a copy of your transcript to the Florida DOE.  An official, unopened, sealed copy of your UCF transcript is required.  Remember to be sure that you’ve sent a complete transcript. You should know what is or is not recorded on your transcript.  REMEMBER TO KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING YOU SUBMIT FOR YOUR RECORDS

15 Once everything has been submitted and sent…  Now you will wait (typically 4-6 weeks…could be shorter or longer)!  Be patient!  Use your login information from the online application to check on the status of your application review  You should receive a Statement of Status of Eligibility in the mail once the FLDOE has processed your application  The Statement of Status of Eligibility is not your certificate. It is a letter saying you are eligible for a certificate.  This is confirmation to your employer that you will be certifiable once you become employed and complete the induction process applicable to the district.  The district will submit the remaining documents on your behalf, typically after 90 days of employment. Then you will receive your Professional Educator Certificate, which is good for five years.

16 Frequent Asked Questions  Do I have to apply for a certificate?  To teach in Florida’s public schools and many private or charter schools, you must hold a FL teaching certificate.  Do I need a certificate to look for a teaching job?  No. In Florida, the teaching certificate is not issued until you are hired in an instructional position.  When can I apply for the certificate?  You cannot complete the application until after your degree has been awarded.

17 Frequent Asked Questions  Why do I have to choose ESOL Endorsement instead of the ESOL K-12 Certification?  If the ESOL Endorsement was part of your program, you are only eligible for the endorsement, not the certification.  What is the different between the endorsement and the certification?  An endorsement typically stays on your certificate as long as you have one. A certification only stays on your certificate when you complete the additional coursework required. Your employing district will help you with renewal processes.  What if I want to teach subject areas other than the program of my major?  You must meet the eligibility of those subject areas. Sometimes, that requires coursework, and other times it requires passing an additional subject area exam. Visit to read more about how to add additional subjects.

18 Frequent Asked Questions  My Statement of Status of Eligibility says the only thing I have left to do is get fingerprinted. What does that mean?  That typically means that once you are hired in a school or district, the district will submit the fingerprints on your behalf to the FLDOE you completed at the time of hiring.  What if I am moving to a different state?  The state where you are moving will have its own certification requirements. Often times, a verification form is required to be completed by the university.  Submit the out-of-state form directly to Undergraduate Affairs & Partnerships, Education Complex, Suite 110, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Friday. You may also e- mail the form to Processing takes 3-5 business

19 Remember  Being a certified teacher in Florida is a privilege.  All teachers are held to the highest standards in the community.  A teaching certificate is your professional license to practice.

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