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Listen to : The Abduction of Helen of Troy e.mp3?c_id=1306912&expiration=1396454573&hwt=f2aaff954f5cf.

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1 Listen to : The Abduction of Helen of Troy e.mp3?c_id=1306912&expiration=1396454573&hwt=f2aaff954f5cf 718e2af435bcd1c53a0

2 Helen and Paris

3 The Trojan Horse


5 Page 60-61: Greek art reflection: 1.What are your thoughts about the story? Questions? Wonderings? 2.Give two things you found interesting about the story?



8 Greek Drama 3) Use page 217 to define the words: Drama, Tragedy and Comedy. 4) What do you think it would have been like to sit in the crowd and watch a play?

9 Greek Masks 5) Why do you think the actors wore masks? 6)Why do you think the masks have large holes in their mouths?

10 Greek Architecture Athenian Acropolis (Google Earth) 7) According to page 218. What are the 3 important column styles? Draw a picture for each.

11 The School of Athens by Raphael

12 Greek Thinkers 8) Philosophy in Greek means (pg 220): 9) Define Sophists and Rhetoric (pg221) 10) Socrates taught___________, Plato taught_____________, Aristotle Taught_____________.

13 Philosophers Page 62

14 Philosophers Search for Truth Rise of Great Philosophers – Thinkers emerge who are called “lovers of wisdom.” This is from the Greek words: phileo-to love sophia—wisdom – Philosophers believe the universe is subject to absolute and unchanging laws. – People could understand these laws through logic and reason. Questions 1: In your own words, what do philosophers believe?

15 Philosophers Search for Truth The Sophists – The word means “the wisest,” so they were proud of their supposed philosophical knowledge. – They claimed they could find the answers to all questions. – They used rhetoric to win arguments. – They often charged fees for teaching their skills and for arguing for others. They might be considered a type of lawyer of the time. – Sophist philosopher Protogoras questions the existence of Greek gods. Question2: Why was rhetoric important to Sophists? (pg 221)

16 SocratesPlatoAristotle

17 Philosophers Search for Truth Socrates – He believes in questioning and teaches through the method of questioning. – He is believed to have said “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – He is convicted of “corrupting the youth of Athens and sentenced to death in 399 B.C. – He dies by drinking hemlock, a slow acting poison.

18 Socrates Socrates was a philosopher of Ancient Greece. A philosopher is someone who tries to explain the nature of life. Socrates taught by by asking questions. This method of questioning is still called the Socratic method. Question 3: What is so amazing about Socrates death? (textbook page 222)

19 Philosophers Search for Truth Plato – He is a student of Socrates. – He writes The Republic, about an ideal society ruled by Philosopher-Kings – His writings dominate European philosophy for 1,500 years.

20 Plato Plato was a student of Socrates. He started a school called The Academy. Plato’s writing took the form of a dialogue between teacher and student. Question 4: What did Plato think of Women? (textbook page 222)

21 Philosophers Search for Truth Aristotle – He was a student of Plato. – He uses rules of logic for argument. – His work provides the basis for scientific method, still used today. – He tutors 13-year-old prince who becomes Alexander the Great

22 Aristotle Aristotle was another Greek philosopher and student of Plato. He wrote about science, art, law, poetry, and government. Question 5: What 3 types of government did Aristotle c write about in Politics? (textbook page 223-4)

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