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Bell Ringer What are the Iliad and the Odyssey about?

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1 Bell Ringer What are the Iliad and the Odyssey about?
What does the following quote mean? And do you agree with it? “The Unexamined Life is not worth living.” – Socrates

2 Objective I can recognize the impact of the Greek philosophers and historians on world history. 6.6.2 Recognize the impact of individuals on world history

3 Philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were three important philosophers from Athens. Greek philosophers taught their students to think rationally, or using reason. This contrasted with the popular Greek mythology about gods.

4 Vocabulary Philosophy Philosopher Pythagoras Sophists

5 Vocabulary Philosophy- “love of wisdom”
Philosopher- Greek thinkers who believed the human mind could understand everything Sophists- professional teachers in Ancient Greece Socratic Method- Way of teaching developed by Socrates that used question-and-answer format to force students to use reason to see things for themselves

6 The Sophists The Sophists were the first professional teachers of Greece Traveled from city to city Believed in no absolute right or wrong Believed people should use knowledge to improve Developed the art of public speaking and debate

7 Socrates Athenian sculptor and philosopher Left no writings behind
Believed in an absolute truth and that all knowledge was within each person (different from the sophists) Taught using the socratic method- students had to answer questions and reason to find answers

8 Socrates Athenian government saw the Socratic method was a threat to power Did not like/trust the idea of open debate Government charged him with teaching youths to rebel against the state and follow reason

9 Socrates Trial “Socrates is accused of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state, and of introducing new divinities (reason). He is also accused of corrupting the youth.” Should Socrates be punished for his actions?

10 Socrates Sentence “Socrates is guilty of refusing to recognize the gods recognized by the state, and of introducing new divinities. He is also guilty of corrupting the youth. The penalty demanded is death.”

11 Should Socrates escape?
Crito, Socrates friend, tells Socrates that he can pay a bribe to get him out of jail and escape death. Imagine that you are Socrates. Would you escape, or would you stay and prepare for death? Why?

12 Plato Plato Student of Socrates. Wrote much of what we know about Socrates Rejected the idea of democracy. Believed that Philosopher-kings should rule with logic and wisdom Describes his ideal government in his book Republic Divided government into 3 groups- philosopher-kings, warriors, and the rest of the people Introduced the idea that government should be just and fair which we still believe today Established the Academy

13 Aristotle Student of plato Opened the Lyceum
Taught the idea of the golden mean Idea that a person should do nothing to excess Don’t eat too much or eat too little   made advancements in science Studied and wrote about government in his book Poltiics Thought the best kind of government was a mix between a few people running it and the whole people Founders of US Constitution tried to create this balance

14 Read Crito by Plato What do you notice about the way Socrates builds his arguments? How does Socrates make his point?

15 Analysis What motivates Crito in his attempt to help Socrates escape from prison? Why would we say that he has "good" intentions? What motivates Socrates in his decision to accept his punishment? What concept of the "good" does he seem to hold? How does this concept compare to Crito's sense of what is good and right? Who do you agree with? Who has stronger arguments?

16 Imagine… You are Crito, trying to convince your friend Socrates to escape from prison. Come up with arguments to convince him to escape.

17 Reason Now you try… Pretend you are Socrates. Ask questions to examine your partner’s arguments.

18 Exit Ticket True or false and explain: Aristotle’s main idea was the golden mean which means excess it a good thing. True or false: Plato believed that the right form of government was a democracy True or false: Socrates used questioning in the Socratic methods to help his students learn to reason

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