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1 Philosophy

2 Greeks placed importance on intellect.
Intellect: the ability to learn and reason

3 philosophia Studying the laws of nature and loving wisdom
Today we call these people scientists and philosophers

4 Socrates Born 470 B.C. Gave up business to search for truth
Traveled throughout Athens teaching developed Socratic Method of learning – answered a question with a question

5 Teachings of Socrates Believed wrongdoing was a consequence of ignorance Believed you should focus on self-development

6 Reaction to Teachings of Socrates

7 Some people were pleased to examine their own beliefs

8 Some felt that Socrates teachings were dangerous.

9 It pointed out their own mistakes.
In reality…. It pointed out their own mistakes.

10 Socrates was accused of….
Denying the gods Corrupting the youth of Athens Trying to overthrow the government

11 Socrates was put on trial.
Tried before 500 citizens “Wealth does not bring goodness. But goodness brings wealth and every blessing, both to the citizen and to the polis.”

12 Guilty or Not Guilty Socrates was found guilty Sentenced to death
Drank hemlock (poison)

13 Jaques-Louis David (French, 1787)
The Death of Socrates Jaques-Louis David (French, 1787)

14 People regretted executing Socrates and erected a statue in his honor.

15 Socrates left no writings
Socrates left no writings. What we have learned, we learned from one of his pupils…..

16 Plato

17 Plato 428 B.C. (?) Student of Socrates 30 years old when Socrates died

18 Plato dreamed of being a politician
Changed his mind after Socrates’ death Traveled to Egypt & Italy Gone for 12 years Academy - School set up by Plato & taught for 40 years

19 The Academy by: Raphael

20 Plato’s Beliefs Believed in order Thought only wise should rule
Wrote The Republic – 1st political science book (study of government) Wrote The Dialogues

21 Aristotle

22 Aristotle Pupil of Plato Came to Academy at 17; stayed 20 years
Founded his own school & wrote more than 200 books

23 “the master of them that know”
First to classify Developed third step of scientific method: testing hypothesis Logic – science of reasoning

24 Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato
The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion. Aristotle

25 Greek Scientists Thales of Miletus – 1st Greek Scientist; predicted eclipse of sun in 585 B.C. Hippocrates – founder of scientific medicine; diagnosed diseases; created rules about how doctors use skills (Hippocratic Oath)

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