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Chinese Belief Systems What are the belief systems of Ancient China? ConfucianismLegalismDaoismBuddhism.

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1 Chinese Belief Systems What are the belief systems of Ancient China? ConfucianismLegalismDaoismBuddhism

2 What do we already know about China?  Population  Geography  Middle Kingdom  Ethnocentrism  Mandate of Heaven

3 Confucianism  Philosophy created by Confucius c. 500 BC  Confucianism is the most popular Chinese philosophy and is still followed in China today.  Confucianism is not a religion –No sacred text –No description of a belief in the afterlife

4 How did Confucian beliefs affect behavior in daily life?  Filial Piety = respect for parents / honor your family  Five Relationships = explained who should respect who in society; –Father to son –Husband to wife –Ruler to subjects/people –Older brother to younger brother –Friend to friend

5 Political Beliefs  Confucius believed that people were good by nature.  Rulers should set a good example for their people. good example for their people.  Good Ruler = Good People

6 Important Facts about Confucianism  Followers of Confucius recorded his teachings and beliefs in the Analects.  Confucius also emphasized the importance of education.

7 Legalism  Legalism is a political philosophy created by Hanfeizi c. 250 BC.  Hanfeizi discussed how rulers should rule and maintain power  Legalist philosophy suggests that people are evil by nature  Because of this, a ruler must be strict and have harsh punishments

8 Daoism  Daoism (Taoism) is a philosophy created by Lao-tzu c. 500 BC.  Contemplate the Tao, or the “way” of the universe  Daoists reject a strong government because they believe people can control their own actions and do not need a ruler.  "Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river." Lao Tzu

9 Main Teachings of Daoism  Taoists believe in planning in advance –Must carefully consider each action before taking it  A Taoist is kind to other individuals –in part because kindness tends to be reciprocated  Taoists believe people are –compassionate by nature and if left to their own devices they will show this compassion without expecting a reward

10 Daoist Symbol  Daoists believe in the balance of yin & yang  Yin –Earth, darkness, & female forces  Yang –Heaven, light, & male forces

11 Buddhist Beliefs  Buddhism spread from India to China –C. 300 CE –Brought spiritual comfort in a time of political & economic distress –New ideas for art & sculpture –Only case of China importing a major idea from a foreign land in its ancient history

12 EXIT TICKET  On the front –List the founder –Two beliefs –On the back  Draw a picture that represents the belief system

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