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Welcome to the World of Cloud SMSF Auditing To Revolutionize your Business.

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1 Welcome to the World of Cloud SMSF Auditing To Revolutionize your Business

2 1.No more time wasted sending emails to Auditors; 2.No more record storage headaches; 3.Logical process to deliver documents for a robust, hassle- free financial & compliance audit; 4.Speed, accuracy, reliable document delivery capabilities; 5.Peace of mind for that your SMSF Audit was of top quality; 6.Enhanced profitability for your business due to clever audit administration efficiencies via a client portal. Some Basic Advantages Cloud-Based Auditing

3 Superior document delivery analysis Secure data storage Efficient client interface Excellent service and business outcomes Cloud SMSF Audits

4 IMPORT Trustees, or accountants can upload or download Permanent documents, data files or other audit evidence from any location at any time. Each team member can have a unique user ID so data can be entered across time zones and locations controlled with IP limited access. ANALYSE Accountants and their staff can work from any location using our checklists, working papers – all accessible online. Time taken to complete accounts is halved because clever program ensures that accountant can control to tailor tasks to exact requirements of each fund. REPORT All reports and documents generated automatically online with digital auditors signature and letterhead. Accountants and trustees simply login and access or download Copies or leave it on the system for the next 15 years.

5 CLEVER CONCEPT Gives accountants access to a truly innovative program. Power to harness the benefits of working on the cloud, so you can integrated all your accounting functions with automated ease. Drastically improve communication with auditors and trustees. Solving queries online via a tree system. BRAND BUILDING Integrate our software into your own website. Trustees are able to visit Accountants website and are able upload documents. Audit evidence can be uploaded by the accountant and accessed by them and trustees 24/7 from anywhere. TOP CLASS AUDIT Each SMSF audit is conducted completely online using a dynamic checklist – checks 610 issues in total. Excellent reference material and legislative guidance built in the online software.

6 GET ORGANISED 1.Online SMSF Audit will streamline your workflow by making data management exponentially more efficient. 2.Cloud based data capture program will enable your business to utilize casual, ‘off site’ staff to reduce your overheads. 3.Past inefficiencies and distractions can be overcome, e.g. If a trustee’s signature is required, they can simply log in, download provided investment strategy for the fund, sign and upload. 4.The intelligence of our system makes it simple to track the progress of SMSF audits. Accountants, their staff and trustees can log in and find out exactly where an SMSF audit is up to. 5.The system grants different levels of access to different users. A trustee can access information about their own fund’s audit. An accountant can access information about all funds they’ve placed on the system.

7 WORK SMARTER 1.Our Client portal can save you time, money and compliance headaches. 2.Using our expert system will give you the assurance that all audits fully comply with Australian Auditing Standards (including GS009), the SIS Act and Regulations, income tax law and other relevant legislation. 3.Each completed task is highlighted by the program to eradicate duplication. 4.We have created checklists and templates covering 610 SMSF issues which the auditor must check, but you do not have to work your way through all 610 to complete each fund. The SMSF document manager puts you in control. 5.You can manage your lodgment work flow online for all your SMSF. 6.Automation means you can’t overlook any step in the audit process: from having a signed audit engagement letter in place through to automating invoice delivery.

8 IMPROVE RESULTS 1.Flawless workflow and superior analysis are commendable, but relatively worthless, unless you can also efficiently communicate results with your clients and the ATO, when necessary. Online client portal does all of that. 2.Our client portal meets all your client and ATO communication needs. 3.All necessary documents including the audit report, management letter etc are generated automatically and delivered digitally in a secure PDF format.

9 DOUBLE EFFICIENCIES 1.Our system is guaranteed to save you time, enabling you to take on more SMSF clients without employing more accounting staff. 2.In fact, if your SMSF audits are on the cloud, you can cut costs by employing casual accounting staff with “home offices” or moving some parts of the accounting process offshore. 3.Secure cloud-based data storage will make your office run more efficiently and result in more effective communications with associated auditors and trustees. 4.By using the online document manager you can manage your ATO lodgment control sheet online via a work flow analysis tool. 5.With all audit reports available online, and correspondence such as management letters, qualifying audit reports or Audit Contravention Report you can run a truly paperless SMSF practice.

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