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Capture of Audit & non-conformances for your mobile workforce Solution.

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2 Capture of Audit & non-conformances for your mobile workforce Solution

3 How It Works MANAGE Search, review, email and print audit records Manage non-conformances to closure Produce management reports & monitor KPI’s CAPTURE Perform audit assessment & add photographs Capture Non-conformances with Actions and photographs Validate and submit completed audit records in real-time

4 Key Features Audit templates designed & tailored to your business processes ensuring accurate & easy capture

5 Key Features Perform any HS&E, inspection, check-sheet or other required assessment. Use dynamic or pre-defined templates.

6 Enforce entry formats and requirements ensuring all submitted records are fully completed and error free Key Features

7 Use workflow to make intelligent decisions on information that needs to be captured in the audit Key Features

8 Capture mandatory & optional photographs as required by your audit rules and workflow Key Features

9 Capture Non-conformances including reasons, photographs and main cause Key Features

10 Raise Actions and set the priority, responsibility & due dates Key Features

11 Use standard answers for Non-conformance failures & Actions required on a per question level Key Features

12 Completed job records submitted robustly and become available to your office team or systems within minutes Key Features

13 Automatic production of Forms with permanent online storage for future retrieval Key Features

14 Capture time stamps, geo-tags, eastings/northings, and other location information seamlessly Key Features

15 Search, Manage & View Actions centrally with always up to date information Key Features

16 Once evidence has been received, close Actions from mobile devices or the website Key Features

17 Automatically score Audits based on rules and utilise in reporting and notifications Key Features

18 Produce management reports and monitor trends & KPI’s Key Features

19 10-30% increase in productivity of auditors Significant reduction in administration overheads, with no double handling or typing of audit data or photo’s Urgent on-site issues raised by email within minutes Central management of non-conformances with full audit trail Key management reports and KPI information available instantly at period Removal of storage costs for audit paper forms & photos Benefits

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