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ZMR Green v2.0 Sleep Medical Records & Data Management.

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1 ZMR Green v2.0 Sleep Medical Records & Data Management

2 What is ZMR? ZMR is a paperless medical records system for sleep professionals Web-based! Access your database from anywhere Flexible Database Flexible Database Design You Own Forms & Reports Work flow & lab management: Track sales & referral activity, online scheduling, automated e-mail notifications, etc.

3 Why is ZMR…Green Paperless medical records… save the trees! Remote access…no driving to the lab lowering emissions and saving fuel! Web based implementation…eliminating unnecessary flight travel and reducing fuel costs and emissions! Amazon computing cloud and storage network…eliminates unnecessary carbon emissions from server production and fuel emissions from off-site delivery of data. HL7 import/export and EFAX…virtually eliminates paper charts, fax paper and the time, money and energy it takes to deliver patient data!

4 ZMR Database: Power & Flexibility Create your own ZMR Customization tools allow you to create your own database to manage your workflow. Dynamic Database Technology! You create your forms and ZMR updates your database. Custom Input/ Custom Output When you make new fields for your database, they are immediately available in our Report Creator. Add or edit as many forms as you want New patient questionnaires, medical history and insurance forms, sleep questionnaires, and others. If you choose, we are happy to consult with you or customize your ZMR for you.

5 User Roles & Permissions: Access Control Use Roles to assign permissions to groups of users Edit the existing Roles in your operation or create new ones based on your needs Assign privileges to individual users whose job functions might differ from that of the typical manager or physician Maintain HIPAA best practices by limiting user access and tracking changes

6 Sales & Referral Tracking Track Sales activity and referral sources Sales Call Log: Log sales calls, office visits, appointments and marketing activity. Sales Staff Monitoring: Access to Sales reports to Manage sales and view recent activity. Sales Staff Monitoring: Access to Sales reports to Manage sales and view recent activity. Comprehensive Referral Reporting: Monitor referral sources and status.

7 Scheduling Web-based, multi-site patient & technician scheduling Drag-and-Drop Appointments onto the calendar for the site and date you select Track cancellations and no-show patients Block out Beds feature to prevent over-booking Emails sent to referring physicians when appointments are scheduled, re-scheduled or cancelled. Organize and contact short notice patients Indicate patient requirements & Special Needs Option to schedule Non-Sleep study appointments (i.e. office visits, DME set ups, clinic, etc.)

8 PSG Studies & Remote Access Score and interpret patient study from anywhere with Online review of patient information, questionnaires, tech notes and PSG reports Website access for completed reports and patient information Clinical Data automatically imported into ZMR for review and reporting purposes. Secure and reliable data hosting based on 256-bit encryption using Amazon data storage web service. Option to assign PSG studies to scoring technologists and automatic downloading for scoring.

9 Physician Interpretation Interpret studies from anywhere and use Online access to review patient reports and demographics Email notifications of study status for prompt patient care Digital Signature automatically inserted upon completion of interpretation and for therapy orders when necessary Option to have scored data automatically downloaded to avoid wasting time spent downloading large files Physician Over Read management module for QA Microsoft® Office documents can be edited online in our browser and ZMR supports voice recognition plug-ins for Microsoft Office

10 Online therapy ordering with digital signature Web based review of patient demographics & reports CPAP Clinic and Compliance Scheduling for evaluation, set-up, follow-up and supply refills Storage of compliance data and smart card information for complete medical record keeping Therapy Ordering and Compliance

11 Statistical reports with adjustable date ranges Custom report capability for any data analysis Monthly productivity reports and lab efficiency trending through workflow tracking reports Ability to customize reports for clinical outcomes and research. ZMR Report Manager

12 Graphical display of key business indicators Web based login for management to view lab performance and utilization measurements from anywhere Optimize your time and talent by using ZMR Report Manager to target areas for growth and concern proactively run your lab NEW Executive Dashboard

13 Users can attach any type of file (patient photos, scanned documents, video clips…) to the study or Patient record. ZMR will automatically display images, video, Microsoft Office documents and PDF files. elastic computing cloud and simple storage solutions are the backbone of ZMR providing: Scalability for unlimited growth Best practice Security and Backup to multiple servers Unlimited Bandwidth for consistent connection speed Archiving of all data including patient records, sleep studies, home sleep screenings, compliance information and reports ZMR GS2 Green Storage Solution

14 Patient Portal Allow patients to log on to complete demographics, enter insurance information, and complete pre and post study questionnaires. ZMR users can automatically assign a unique and protected password for patients when they are entered into ZMR providing secure access for at home data entry Optional Automatic notification to patients and referring physicians upon completion of physician interpretation

15 efax and HL7 Engine Receive efax referrals directly into your ZMR database ZMR will electronically fax copies of final interpretation reports with signature to Referring Physicians Compatible with any HL7 compliant software for import or export Import patient, scheduling, and admission information from your hospital system into your ZMR database Export patient test and billing information into DME compliance, billing software, or hospital information system

16 Branding The ZMR Portal can be branded with your own or with your customers name, logo and colors.

17 The Value of SleepEx Flexibility Flexibility of the database to create multiple forms, reports, views, and locations within your Scalability Scalability to accommodate growth in the form of additional data collected from new devices, from new labs, DME, research and clinical operations Accountability Accountability from the centralized and systematic approach to lab and data management that only SleepEx has been able to Contact us to talk about creating your ZMR solution or to schedule a demo TODAY!

18 Rest easy…We are here! ZMR Green v2.0 ZMR Green v2.0

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