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1 Preferred by Students ►24/7 online access ►Easy ordering and tracking ►Email delivery confirmation Online Ordering and Delivery Service for Official Transcripts ►Fast, easy, efficient & secure ►Saves staff time and money ►Free to Schools Preferred by High Schools ►Less than 1 hour to install ►Includes reporting ►No more support calls!

2  Docufide’s Secure Transcript creates a secure, paperless environment for the request & delivery of student’s official transcripts to over 3600 accredited colleges nationwide Benefits No cost to schools Provides efficiency, consistency, and dramatic cost savings Easy to use by students and administrators Implemented with only an hour invested per high school Official transcripts sent to all colleges nationwide, as well as military, scholarship funds, NCAA, and other approved destinations

3  Current Users Current Statistics Over 1100 colleges and universities in 48 states have received transcripts from Docufide to-date High Schools in 18 states now electronically send transcripts through Secure Transcript Indiana DOE and Higher Education have selected Secure Transcript to provide electronic transcript exchange for every high school in the state

4 High Schools Docufide Universities Step 1: Download Docufide Client 10 minutes Step 2: Upload Test Transcripts 5 minutes Step 3: Attend Online Training 45 minutes Docufide engineers create a unique parse template for each SIS output, converting HS output to XML. Step 1: Admissions personnel register online Step 2: Select PDF delivery format and set preferences  Implementation Requirements / Timelines 10 minutes If the college is not ready for electronic transcript receipt, Docufide prints your transcripts on security paper and sends on your behalf

5 Student Request Process

6  Student accesses Secure Transcript through a link on their school’s web site, quickly registering with their identification information Student Registers

7  Student searches our database of nationwide colleges, choosing one or many destinations for delivery Selects Destinations

8  Student reviews requests made, and confirms that selections are correct Confirms Requests $5.00 $10.00

9  Student/Parent reviews agreement and accepts (FERPA Compliance) Agreement Accepted

10  The order is completed with a debit, credit, or pre-paid card; bypassed if school subsidized or a fee waiver has been provided Online Payment

11  Student’s request is complete and sent to their high school for approval Confirmation Page $5.00

12  Students/Parents can log-on at any time to check on the status of their transcript requests Online Order Tracking

13  Students also receive confirmation emails when their request is received, approved by the school registrar, and upon delivery Automatic Email Notifications

14 High School Process

15  School transcript administrators log into Secure Transcript online Secure Site Login

16  Registrars view a To-Do List, where transcript requests are quickly reviewed and approved Review Requests for Approval

17  An on-screen, printable list of requests is then generated which is used to select students from the student system for electronic delivery Checklist of Approved Requests

18  From within a school’s existing student system, the Docufide Printer is used to electronically send student transcripts securely to Docufide for processing  Docufide then sends the transcript to the destinations of choice, including over 3,600 accredited colleges, scholarship funds, military and other approved destinations Docufide Printer

19  Real-time reports, per student, recipient, or other parameters are available online to school administrators Checklist of Approved Requests

20  School preference settings available, including adding a school profile Preference Settings – Profile Upload

21  School preferences also allow for custom messages viewed by students when logging in, as well as the ability to allow students to include SAT scores Preference Settings – Custom Message

22 Postsecondary Process

23  Transcripts are available in a PDF electronic format to college admissions  In the near future, colleges will also be able to receive transcripts via the PESC XML standard format (as soon as it is released) PDF Transcript Admissions Download Center

24  Comprehensive, real-time reporting available to colleges Reports

25  Review contact and profile information from all participating high schools School Profiles Online

26 Summary

27 Students “I love the no-hassle aspect of Secure Transcript. I didn't have to worry about gathering any information on my own; Secure Transcript did all of the hard work for me.” -Natalie Jones, Student High Schools “It took us approximately 15 minutes to download and install the software, and after a 45 minute training session, we were done implementing and ready to use the service. The installation, training and implementation processes were extremely simple and straight-forward. The entire procedure truly was as easy as advertised.” -Meredith Bovin, Data Manager, Carmel Clay Schools, Carmel, Indiana Colleges "In under five minutes we registered IUPUI for the service and have already received transcripts electronically from Indiana schools, as well as from out-state schools on Docufide’s Secure Transcript. This couldn’t have been easier. This is going to revolutionize how high schools and colleges do business.” -Michael Donahue, Director of Admissions, IUPUI A success for everyone

28 Secure Transcript:  Meets the school’s need for further process automation, saving thousands of dollars and countless staff hours  Setup and training couldn’t be easier, averaging a total time investment from start to finish of 1 hour per school – really!  Provides students and parents with the ease of online ordering and the peace of mind of automated notifications – they love this service!  Colleges receive transcripts in an easy to read and scan PDF electronic format, or mailed from Docufide if not ready for electronic receipt  Free to schools Conclusion

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