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DIGIDOC A web based tool to Manage Documents. System Overview DigiDoc is a web-based customizable, integrated solution for Business Process Management.

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1 DIGIDOC A web based tool to Manage Documents

2 System Overview DigiDoc is a web-based customizable, integrated solution for Business Process Management to streamline business processes, capture, store and track critical documents, automate escalation and immediately identify and respond to emerging problems. Allows to define custom document attributes and processes. Facilities authentic users to upload, view, track & search documents. Communication system with Internal Messaging (I-Mail) and External Messaging (E-Mail) enables faster processing of documents across organization units.

3 Features of DigiDoc Structuring Capabilities Integration with existing System User Friendly Interface Internal Communication User Profiles and Access Search Capabilities Tracking Security Thin Client to Access from Anywhere Flexible Reports

4 Technical Specifications Core Technologies ASP.Net Database - SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i COM/DCOM- Microsoft Transaction Server Application Server- Designed to run on ISS 5.0 Platforms Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000 Web Browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 + Netscape 7.0 +

5 Structuring Capabilities Organizes data in a logical hierarchical fashion Supports compound documents, grouping multiple document types together as one logical document. Folder-level indexing, folders appear to be grouped in any number of ways, fully dependent based on user requirements.

6 Integration with existing System Provides an Interoperable open standards framework It provides integration at two levels: Data level Process level Integration components based on standards and de facto standards such as ODBC, SMTP, MAPI as well as optional integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Databases and other applications.

7 User Friendly Interface User-friendly graphical user interface for data entry, creating new doc type, view & search documents and communication. For easy date input, system provides user-friendly calendar controls

8 User Profiles and Access Centralized user administration (Add/Modify/Delete) activity to be performed by the authorized system administrator User uploading the document can specify access restrictions for that document While searching documents users will be able to view only those documents to which they are given access.

9 Custom Document Attributes Facilitates creation of any number of user-defined custom doc types(templates) Associate each document type with any number of metadata fields Set constraints on the meta- data fields Automatically include the metadata fields for a Custom Doc type for selection in the query interface

10 Search Capabilities System has advanced search capability to search for document(s) based on document name, document type, other user-defined attributes and given date range

11 Tracking Customizable predefined set of process, which each document of that type goes through Facilitates tracking the status of each document through its stages

12 Security Database Driven Access: user will access the system based on their privileges DLLs: DigiDoc implements advanced security features like encapsulation and data abstraction. This is attained by using DLL's to hide the business logic and code from being manipulated Stored Procedure: To optimize system performance DigiDoc uses stored procedures for faster and secure database transactions

13 Thin Client to Access from Anywhere Through this web-based system user can carry out their activities from anywhere in the world with minimum system requirements. It needs only a web browser on a computer with Internet connection.

14 Flexible Reports DigiDoc facilitates the user to view various types of reports like Uploaded Document Report, Attended and Unattended Notification Report,User Access Report. Reports can be modified by the user with versatile filters conditions, and sorts, plus the ability to create dynamically. Report can be exported to excel sheets, Doc format.

15 Work Flow Enter File Information Import File Information Import Document(s) DIGIDOC File Tracking DIGIDOC Record Centers Communications Users Users

16 Benefits of DigiDoc Improved employee productivity and quality of work Better communication Synchronization of departmental operations Use and reuse of corporate knowledge to accelerate time-to-market Helps organization by improving business processes and efficiency. DigiDoc maintains all versions of every document Facilitates document sharing and does so with robust security minimum investment required for product administration and support A large and positive financial impact in labor costs Enhanced use of physical space due to a reduced number of paper- bound records

17 Thanks For your valuable time and consideration

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