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Capture & management of Reinstatement records for your mobile workforce Solution.

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2 Capture & management of Reinstatement records for your mobile workforce Solution

3 MANAGE Import, allocate and send jobs to field workers. Manage jobs with real-time status updates. Search, review, audit and print job records. CAPTURE Interact with job diary and update job status in real-time Enter job details, capture location and add photographs. Validate and submit completed job records. How It Works

4 Create New or Import jobs. Review, then allocate to field workers with immediate or manual dispatch options. Key Features

5 Completely tailored capture of accurate job records supporting Backfill, Reinstatement, Site Clearance and other job types Key Features

6 Enforce entry formats and requirements ensuring all submitted records are fully completed and error free Key Features

7 Use workflow to make intelligent decisions on the information that needs to be captured by engineers Key Features

8 Capture mandatory photographs covering all stages of work, and allow for additional photographs on specific issues Key Features

9 Quickly & accurately capture Dimensions, Material/Road Types, GPS Location, Signatures and more… Key Features

10 Capture time stamps, geo-tags, eastings/northings, and other job location information seamlessly Key Features

11 Completed job records submitted robustly and become available to your office team or systems within minutes Key Features

12 Automatic production of required bespoke meter forms with permanent online storage for future retrieval Key Features

13 Manage job and engineers in real-time, review and ensure daily job completion & reporting Key Features

14 Produce management information to help drive efficiency and monitor KPI’s Key Features

15 Automatically export completed work for client submission or interface directly with internal or external job systems Key Features

16 Significant increase in accuracy of NRSWA information Increase in productivity and visibility of engineers & work Aborted Job control & validation Significant reduction in administration overheads Receipt of completed accurate job records within minutes Quicker invoices, less queries, improved Cash flow Reduced Liability Benefits

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