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SysLogix Inc. by. Introduction "'Onboarding” - the process of contracting and appointing new agents. It is used to refer to the administrative.

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1 SysLogix Inc. by

2 Introduction "'Onboarding” - the process of contracting and appointing new agents. It is used to refer to the administrative work involved with setting up an insurance agent to represent your organization Onboarding may be more broadly defined as the entire process of aligning an organization around recruiting, hiring/contracting, and helping the new agent achieve full productivity as quickly as possible.

3 Our Product: With the hiring of a new agent comes a lot of paperwork. – SysLogix’s product, eliminates manual processes and provides automation technology and efficiencies that go well beyond simply pre-populating your new contact forms. Now organizations can spend more time managing their workforce instead of constantly shuffling paperwork to simply maintain it. – The web-based smart interview system provides an efficient way for agents to contract with carriers and eliminates the duplication associated with paper-intensive contract process.

4 Onboarding independent of Legacy systems Security profile based architecture ensuring data security Home Office, recruiting managers and agents all have secured system access to relevant data Based on Microsoft Technology (.net) Online data collection Rules based screening solutions Multi-carrier contract execution Information validation workflow Comprehensive reporting and analytics Our Product:

5 Time is Money! eProducerPortal provides industry best-practices templates, easily adaptable to incorporate new:  Carriers  Tasks  Application questions  Workflow  Tracking tools  And more!

6 Context Diagram

7 The Smart Interview Integrated agent communications for consistency Pre-configured solutions for on-boarding adhering to industry best practices Ability to execute configurable bundles to address multi-carrier forms Secure, self-service portal for the agent, recruiter and carrier to manage, track, and optimize on-boarding and appointment processes Pre-population of carrier specific forms for transmission Hierarchy and commission level assignment capabilities Document upload functionality allows 24/7 access to all licensing related documents Online agent/manager authorization and consent, complete with digital signature utilization Appointment fee collection functionality Supplemental PDF document upload and storage support Automated triggers for background checks and appointment requirements, includes seamless integration with third-party registries and services Administrator validation functionality Configurable agent data interfaces for back office “Legacy” systems Key Functions

8 Key Benefits Transition to a paperless environment Minimum Capital Investment due to Cloud Computing (SaaS) model Improved operational efficiencies Ability to process multiple carrier contracts through single source system Information and management dashboard Configurable workflow for the contracting process Reduced turnaround time for the entire contracting process Allows a lean and more efficient contracting department Single repository for storing all agent demographics and contracts throughout on- boarding and appointing, and sales processes Automates data population to reduce manual errors Improves data accuracy and communications Receives contracts "in good order" Audit and security controls to support Compliance requirements Results in a lean and efficient contracting department Assurance that all forms are complete prior to submission

9 SysLogix Onboarding SysLogix Applicant Entry Portal offers organizations the ability to offer the following online agent application and contracting approach solutions: – Push – Agent initiates application and contracting by visiting carrier or marketer site – Pull – recruiter initiates application and contracting – Auto-loaded – carrier or marketer wishes to initiate application and contracting in bulk fashion – Paper – through front-end entry and validation system

10 SysLogix Onboarding “Many agent contracting and appointment activities are either based on undocumented and ad-hoc processes that are challenging to implement, track, and modify or vary from company to company – making it difficult to satisfy all potential infrastructures. This handicaps Marketing and Sales units during the recruiting process by subjecting potential agents to inefficient onboard processing and delaying an agents timeframe to start selling.” SysLogix provides a flexible platform for users, designed to: – Deploy and optimize workflows for critical agent on-boarding processes – Accelerate pre-screening, contracting and appointment processes – Improve the accuracy of information – Build in background checking and accreditation processing and tracking – RESULT: Enable companies to reduce the time to meet critical capacity requirements and improve cost controls

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