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Kitchen Staples Chapter 17.

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1 Kitchen Staples Chapter 17

2 Salt Chemical name: sodium chloride
Most Americans use much more than required

3 Table Salt Granulated salt Small enough to flow through a shaker
Dissolves quickly in liquid

4 Kosher Salt Slightly larger crystals than granulated salt
Made for salting meats to make them fit according to Jewish dietary law Used to season clear liquids because it has no additives

5 Rock Salt Larger crystals- size of fine gravel
Not used to season foods Baked shellfish are often served on a bed of rock salt to keep them from rocking and spilling Also keeps shellfish hot

6 Pepper Other half of the two most common seasonings
Thought to be one of the first spices used by man and still very widely used today

7 Black Pepper Found on many dinning tables
Berrylike fruit of a plant cultivated in tropical Asia Berries are picked underripe and dried in the sun Sharp, spicy flavor

8 White Pepper Come from the same plant as black pepper
Berries are allowed to fully ripen The outer skins are then removed before drying Used widely because it adds flavor without the visible black specks

9 Herbs Green leafy parts of aromatic plants that are used to flavor foods Fresh herbs are more flavorful and often preferred to dried

10 Basil Delicate, pointed green leaves Sweet, aromatic flavor
Essential for pesto and tomato sauces Popular in Mediterranean cuisines

11 Bay Leaf Laurel Stiff, green oval leaf
Used to flavor stocks, soups, stews, and other savory dishes

12 Chervil Delicate, lacy leaves Light licorice flavor
Popular as a garnish and used in sauces

13 Chives Long, hollow grasslike leaves Member of the onion family
Delicate onion-garlic flavor Chopped chives are used as a garnish for many savory dishes

14 Cilantro Chinese parsley Flat green leaves with serrated edges
Similar to flat parsley Strong flavor with citrus tones Commonly used in salsas Very important in Latin American and Asian cuisines

15 Dill Dark green, feather leaves Used in pickling and fish
Very important in Scandinavian and Eastern European cuisines

16 Marjoram Small round leaves
Flavor similar to a combination of thyme and oregano Used in meat and vegetable dishes Very important to Mediterranean cuisines

17 Mint Pointed leaves with serrated edges
Peppermint and spearmint are commonly used Classic garnish for deserts and lamb Used in Middle Eastern cuisines

18 Oregano Small oval leaves Actually wild marjoram Used in tomato sauces
Popular in Italian, Greek, and Mexican cuisines

19 Curly Parsley Tight, curly leaves Fresh, green flavor
Classic garnish for fish and poultry

20 Flat-leaf or Italian Parsley
Flat, jagged leaves Used much the same as curly parsley Commonly used in Southern European cuisines

21 Rosemary Stiff needles on a woody stem Pinelike aroma
Excellent for poultry, pork, lamb, and game

22 Sage Oval leaves with a dusty green color and velvety texture
Popular in stuffings and sausages Also goes well with poultry, pork, and game

23 Tarragon Long stems with long, narrow leaves Slight licorice flavor
Used with fish, chicken, eggs, and salad dressings Essential ingredient in béarnaise sauce

24 Thyme Very small, oval leaves on thin, fibrous stems
Basic savory flavoring for stocks, soups, and stews

25 Spices The woody parts of plants
Includes seeds, bark, berries, buds, and roots Used to flavor foods

26 Allspice From the dried berries of a Caribbean tree
Aka Jamaican pepper Flavor combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves Used for pickling and baking

27 Anise From the seeds of a small annual plant that originated in Egypt
Strong licorice flavor Used in liquors and for baking

28 Caraway Seeds Brown crescent-shaped seeds of a plant that is widely grown in Europe and Asia Used in breads, soups, and stews Popular in Germanic and Eastern European cuisines

29 Cardamom Light green, pointed seeds of a plant grown in India
Used in curries, breads, and pastries Common ingredients in Indian and Scandinavian cuisines

30 Cayenne Pepper Cayenne (red) pepper
not a member of the peppercorn family Product of chile peppers Ripened to a bright red color Then dried and finely ground Very strong and adds a hot, spicy flavor to dishes Used for seasoning soups and sauces Main flavoring in hot pepper sauces

31 Celery Seed Small, brown seed of the celery plant
Used in pickling and relishes Ground and mixed with salt to make celery salt

32 Chile Powder Ground red chile peppers
Often combines with other spices and herbs such as cumin Vary in levels of intensity Commonly used in chilies and stews Popular in Mexican and southwestern cooking

33 Cinnamon Bark of a tropical tree, dried and rolled up Sweet flavor
Popular in pastries and fruit dishes

34 Cloves Sun-dried buds of a tropical tree Have a strong sweet aroma
Used for pickling, marinades, and in baked goods

35 Coriander Round, pale seed of the coriander plant Slight citrus aroma
Used for pickling, marinades, and baking

36 Cumin Cumino Slender brown seed of an annual plant that originated in the Middle East Used in chilies and curries Popular in Mexican, Indian, and Middle Eastern cookery

37 Curry Powder Mixture of a dozen or more spices commonly used in curries and stews Blends vary in flavor and intensity according to regional and individual taste Common in Indian and south Asian cuisines

38 Dill Seed Light brown, oval seeds of the dill plant Used for pickling

39 Fennel Seed Greenish-brown pointed seeds of the fennel plant
Licorice flavor Often used in sausages and pork dishes Popular in Italian cuisines

40 Ginger Root of a tropical plant grown in the Asia and the Caribbean
Available fresh, dried powder, or preserved with sugar Powdered ginger is used in baking and pastries Fresh root is widely used in Asian cuisines

41 Juniper Berries Round brownish-purple berries of an evergreen tree
Good with game animals and used to flavor marinades and stews

42 Mace Red, veiny middle layer of the same large tropical seed that produces nutmeg Has an intense spicy flavor Used in desserts and baking Some savory dishes

43 Nutmeg Woody inner seed of the same tropical plant that produces mace
Has a wide number of uses including baking, pastries, vegetable, and potatoes

44 Mustard Small, round seed of the mustard plant
Black, brown, and yellow varieties Harp, burning flavor Main ingredient in prepared mustards Used for pickling and sauces

45 Paprika Powder ground from a variety of different red chile peppers
Classified as sweet or hot Used in a wide variety of soups, stews, and sauces for color and flavor Popular in Hungarian and Spanish cuisines

46 Poppy Seeds Small, black seeds of poppy flower Slightly nutty flavor
Used in breads and pastries

47 Saffron The center of the crocus flower
Expensive because it is handpicked Gives foods a bright yellow color and subtle flavor Used in rice dishes, sauces, and seafood Very important in Mediterranean cuisines

48 Sesame Seeds Pale-colored seeds of an annual plant native to India
Seeds are ground to a paste or can be made into oil Commonly used in breads, pastries, and vegetable dishes Used in Middle Eastern, Asian, and African cuisines

49 Star Anise Star-shaped fruit of a tree grown in China
Important part of Chinese cuisine

50 Turmeric Root of a lily native to Southeast Asia
Used for the bright yellow color it gives dishes Used in rice dishes, curries, pickling, and prepared mustard

51 Marinades Liquid that is infused with different ingredients
Foods are soaked in order to impart flavor before cooking Liquid consists of combination of different oils, wines, vinegars, or fruit juices Salt, sweeteners, herbs, spices, vegetables, or fruits may be added for additional flavors

52 Rubs Combination of seasonings that are massaged into a food product to impart flavor Consists of many different ingredients such as spices, herbs, salt, and sweeteners

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