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Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts Book 1 Chapter 5.

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1 Foundations of Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts Book 1 Chapter 5

2 Leaves, stems or flowers of an aromatic plant Fresh or Dried Dried herbs are stronger than fresh When using dried herbs crumble or crush them to release flavor Use 2-3 time more fresh then dried Add fresh herbs at the end of cooking

3 Bark, roots, seeds, buds or berries of an aromatic plant. Usually dried – ground or whole Might be fresh, such as ginger Store in tightly covered containers in cool dry place.

4 Basil Italian Cooking

5 Bay Soups, Stews, Meats Use the whole leaf, but remove before serving

6 Chives Potatoes, Garnishes, Seafood, Soups

7 Cilantro Mexican Food, Thai Food, Sauces, Salsa

8 Dill Fish, Potatoes, Pickles, Dips, Carrots, Bread

9 Lemon Grass Chicken, Seafood

10 Mint Desserts, Lamb, Tea

11 Oregano Italian Food, Mexican Food, Pizza, Spaghetti

12 Parsley Garnish, Meat, Cheese, Salads, etc….

13 Rosemary Chicken, Seafood, Mushrooms, Vegetables

14 Sage Pork, Turkey, Stuffing, Mushrooms

15 Tarragon Chicken, Eggs, Mushroom, Seafood

16 Thyme Meat, Poultry, Mushrooms, Nuts, Potatoes

17 Allspice Tropical Evergreen Tree Berry Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon Pickling, Stews, Baking

18 Caraway Apple, Pork, Sausage, Rye Bread

19 Cayenne Any food, but can add lots of heat!!

20 Chili Powder Blend of cumin, garlic, onion and chili Tex-Mex, BBQ

21 Cloves Immature flower buds Meats, Stocks, Sauces, Baking

22 Coriander Cilantro seeds Variety of cooking uses in savory and baked foods

23 Cumin Seeds – used crushed Mexican Foods, Chili

24 Ginger Root of plant Baking, Asian Foods

25 Nutmeg Seed kernel inside a fruit Baking, cheese, eggs, Alfredo

26 Paprika Finely ground powder from dried pepper Garnish, salads, sausage, casseroles

27 Peppercorn Dried unripe berry Most common – black pepper, used in most foods

28 Poppy Seeds From poppy flower Baking, Salad Dressing

29 Saffron Dried stigmas of crocus Most expensive spice in the world Mediterranean and Asian foods

30 Sesame Seeds Found in the pod of a tropical plant Baking, Tahini Paste, Asian Fish dishes


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