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The First Medieval Synthesis.  Charlemagne  Post-Charlemagne  Viking Invasions  Feudal Society.

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1 The First Medieval Synthesis

2  Charlemagne  Post-Charlemagne  Viking Invasions  Feudal Society


4  Cultural Background as a German, Roman, Christian Blend  What is First Synthesis?  Pepin, the Lombards and the Papacy in 756  Summary p. 144  Religious Reformer – David and Josias  Pope Leo III and Crowning Emperor

5  Palace at Aachen  Educational Reform  Alcuin  Monastic schools  Curriculum

6  Carolingian script (miniscule)  Carolingian Liturgical Reforms  Alcuin’s Revision of Roman Rite  Rebirth of Drama  Attempts to develop vernacular culture  Legends of Charlemagne in Notker and Song of Roland

7 Bust of Charlemagne, Cathedral Treasury, Aachen. 14 th Century

8  Louis the Pious, only surviving son of Charlemagne  Louis and monastic reform  Louis’ sons, Louis, Charles, and Lothar, Kings of East Franks, West Franks and Lotharingia  Louis crowned Lothar Emperor in 817  Thus a divided empire.  Pope Nicholas and Charles the Bald and the role of the Pope

9  Otto I and the reinstitution of an Empire  Otto II and Theophano and the Byzantine Connection  Ottonian Renaissance


11  Description of Viking Invasions  Weakening of already weak kings  They started under Charlemagne but kicked up on Louis the Pious

12  911 the Northman Rollo was granted the duchy of Normandy  Alfred became Alfred the Great Fighting Vikings  There were other invasions: Muslims, Magyars (Hungarians), and Slavs (Poles)

13  These invasions short-term disasters but most became Christina kingdoms  Long term influences vary but the Norman influence on England in 1066 was most significant  1066 and All That  Bayeux Tapestry

14  Post-Charlemagne royal or centralized authority weakened  Internal instability and invasions  Emergence of Lord and Vassal Power Arrangements – freeman to freeman bond

15  What is a vassal  The changing nature of the warrior, the knight  In return for expensive service land, money, or title  Fief and subinfeudation

16  The role of the Count  Vassal roles inherited or not  As fiefs were divided among children there arose a money shortage  Vassalage and the Private Possession of Political Power: what is it

17  Where did it flourish  Was it the “feudal system”?  The later idealization of vassalage – chivalry  Song of Roland as a text of idealized vassalage

18  The reemergence of Central Authority – Feudal Monarchies  Kings would take pay instead of service, use money to buy army  Kings used the judicial system to tighten authority over lords  Kings began to develop more elaborate bureaucracies

19  Spread of vasslage culture  To Love  To Religion  To the Three Orders of Society

20 Oratores, Bellatores, Laboratores

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