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Music History The Renaissance 1450-1600(rebirth).

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1 Music History The Renaissance (rebirth)

2 Music History D. Renaissance AD 1. The definition of Renaissance is “ REBIRTH ” 2. Sacred Music a. motet -The most important musical form of the Renaissance. -This is the new name for polyphony -Motets included up to four different vocal parts, and, sometimes, they each had different words!! “O Magnum Mysterium” Thomas VictoriaMysterium *The most important invention during this time was the printing press; this provided an easier way for writers and composers to work

3 Music History D. Renaissance AD 2. Sacred Music (continued) b. Catholic Mass -This style of music is sung during the weekly Catholic religious service known as the mass. -music uses polyphony like motet, but the big difference is in the words that are used. (The mass always uses the same words) Order of the mass: Kyrie Gloria Credo Sanctus Agnus Dei

4 Music History D. Renaissance AD 3. Secular Music a.Secular music sounded a lot like sacred music -The most common subject for secular music was LOVE !!!! b. Chanson --- French secular songs c. Madrigal --- Italian secular songs d. English Madrigal --- English secular songs

5 Music History D. Renaissance AD 4. The Reformation a. The Catholic church becomes “reformed” b.Several religious leaders break away from the Catholic church to form new “denominations” - Martin Luther - believed that all of the singing should be in the COMMON LANGUAGE (from Germany)

6 Music History D. Renaissance AD 5. Instrumental Music a. Mostly music for dancing at parties. b. two most popular keyboard instruments were the organ harpsichord organ and the harpsichord. c. most common household instrument was the lute. The most d. The violin became an important instrument; The most famous violin builder was Antonio Stradivari

7 Music History D. Renaissance AD 6. Important Composers a. Josquin des Prez -wrote both motets and masses -from France b. Giovanni Palestrina -wrote mostly motets -from Italy c. Tomas Luis de Victoria -wrote mostly motets -from Spain

8 Music History D. Renaissance AD 7. One Transitional Composer a. Claudio Monteverdi -from Italy -began by writing secular madrigals -later in his life, he helped invent OPERA by adding music to dramatic productions on stage. -most famous opera: L’Orfeo

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