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Renaissance 1450-1600.

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1 Renaissance

2 Historical Events of the Renaissance Time Period
1431 – Joan of Arc burned at the stake 1455 – Printing Press was invented 1475 – Michaelangelo was born 1492 – Columbus discovers America

3 Historical Events of the Renaissance Time Period
1500 – First pencil 1517 – Martin Luther posts 95 theses 1553 – Violin began to develop 1564 – Shakespeare was born

4 Important Facts 1435- Gutenberg press invented
1465 – 1st printed music appears – Mona Lisa is painted by da Vinci –Sistine Chapel is painted by Michelangelo

5 Important Facts 1509 – Henry VIII becomes King of England
1517 – Protestant reformation begins in Germany 1519 – Cortez conquers Mexico 1588 – Spanish Armada is defeated

6 General Facts After the dark ages, the period of enlightenment
The rebirth of humanism More artistic freedom

7 Instruments of the Renaissance
Violin was developed Lute was at the height of popularity Bagpipes were created and played on Scottish battlefields

8 Instruments of the Renaissance
Clavichord was developed (early piano) Instruments were used for dance music Instrumentalists began to improvise

9 Vocal Music Chant is still used in church and by monks
Mass was created (sung part of the Eucharist) Motets – sacred pieces Madrigals – Italian secular pieces

10 Vocal Music Chansons – French secular songs
Secular music began to sing about courtly love (new idea) Women made music outside of church and were gradually allowed to sing in church Men’s voices imitated women

11 Composers William Byrd Giovanni Gabrielli Giovanni Palestrina
John Dowland

12 Ars Nova (New Art) Creativity Improvisation
Composers emphasized human emotions Music became more lively and up beat Polyphony was developed (canon-round)

13 Important Vocabulary Renaissance period A cappella Lute Sacred music
Secular music Madrigal Polyphony canzona

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