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Welcome Back Learn about our classroom rules and procedures.

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1 Welcome Back Learn about our classroom rules and procedures.

2 1. Find your seat. 2. Unpack your supplies. 3. Sharpen 2 pencils. 4. Sign up for lunch. 5. Complete warm-up.

3 How do I sign up for lunch?
Check off your choice on the lunch clipboard on the front board. If you forget I will sign up for you.

4 Where do I put my warm-up when done?
Place in the basket on the colored supply drawers in front of my desk.

Warm-ups will be checked. Warm-ups will be tickets to recess.

6 Pledge When the bell rings stop what you are doing.
Stand and face the flag with your right hand on your heart. Show respect and do not talk other than saying the pledge.

7 Bathroom Procedures Quietly raise 1 finger to ask to use the bathroom.
Quietly raise 2 fingers to remind me if I have asked you to wait. Sign out and back in on clipboard. You will only be given 2 minutes.

Quietly get up and get a tissue. Use hand sanitizer.

Just get up and sharpen your pencil unless I am teaching or someone else is speaking.

10 Classroom Supplies If you need to borrow supplies from me ASK FOR PERMISSION. Do not take anything from my desk, the cabinets, or drawers until I give permission.

11 Coat Closet You should only be in the coat closet for the following reasons: Unpacking or packing. Getting your lunch. If you need something from the closet at any other time ASK FOR PERMISSION.

12 How We Line Up I will call you by team.
You will line up QUIETLY along the back table. If you talk we will all sit back down and start over.

13 Hallway Behavior Stay on the brown line facing forward.
Do not talk in the hallway. Keep up with the line.

14 ZERO Noise Times During tests
While I am teaching or someone is talking In line During independent work During the pledge When another person comes into the room to speak to me.

15 When You Want Attention
Raise your hand. DO NOT CALL OUT! Wait for me to call your name.

16 Where to Put Work Place work in the blue baskets on the counter by the sink. There is a basket for Math, CORE, Writing, and Reading. Keep your math homework in your desk when you unpack in the morning.

17 Finished Early Get a math or reading folder and take it back to your seat and work quietly. Work on your homework.

18 Homework Policy Homework will be checked EVERY day.
If you have a question you don’t understand try to find help. If the person helping you is not sure how to do the question either have your helper initial the problem. If you have no help put a question mark on the problem and show me the problem AS SOON AS YOU UNPACK IN THE MORNING.

19 Rewards Every week there will be a Star Team who gets to go into the Treasure Box. Homework coupons, Caught Being Good Awards, computer time, monthly incentives, cheers.

20 Math Facts Rewards To go to the pool:
You have to be on Mixed Facts by January. You have to be on Fluency by May.

21 Consequences Lose recess Timeout Lose team Call home/parent conference
Send to office

22 Progress Report Every Friday Covers work, behavior, and attitude
Tells what you did well and what you need to work on

23 Jobs Every Friday we will choose jobs.
The Star Team will get to choose first. The jobs will last for the next week.

24 Class Library Sign out books by completing the library card inside book. DO NOT RETURN BOOKS TO SHELF WHEN YOU BRING THEM BACK!

25 We’re a Team Neither of us can succeed without the other.
We are a TEAM.

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