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Rules and Procedures Mrs. O’Keefe.

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1 Rules and Procedures Mrs. O’Keefe

2 Why Do We Need Rules and Procedures?
To keep us safe Save valuable time Stop interruptions and minimize distractions Learning, learning, learning!


4 Class Rules S – Safety comes first C – Come to class
I – Integrity is important E – Embrace your uniqueness N – No distractions C – Challenge yourself E – Engage your mind

5 Procedures There are procedures for everything in life!
Airport, dinner, elevator, etc… Every teacher wants things done a little differently These are our procedures

6 Coming into Class Come in quietly. None of this:

7 Be on Time What does that mean to Mrs. O?
Go to your team table Get your supplies ready Work on the science starter silently (unless it says otherwise) If you aren’t doing this when the bell rings you are tardy

8 On Time?

9 Need to Borrow Something?
If you need to borrow a pencil, paper, eraser, etc. you’ll need to leave something as collateral If you use a class book (textbook, dictionary, etc.) put it back nicely where you got it

10 How to Sit Face the speaker Feet under desk Chair legs on floor

11 Leaving Your Seat For things like sharpening pencils, getting a tissue, or throwing things away Please wait until I am done talking, lecturing, etc. Pencil sharpeners are at your station Get tissues before class or at closest box Always push your chair in

12 Speaking of Throwing Things Away
First choice- recycling bin! Anything that is paper should go into the tote If it isn’t paper, find the closest garbage can

13 What if You Need to get a Drink or Go to the Restroom?
You can bring water – nothing else If you need to use a hall pass you’ll need to use an Oops pass Only ask during independent/group work, not during instructional time Be quick and quiet

14 Instructional Time (When Mrs. O is talking)
Listen (pretty obvious?) Follow all directions the first time they are given Do what you are supposed to be doing (like taking notes) If you write quickly wait silently for others to finish


16 Teacher’s Definition of Talking
Your mouth is moving and any sound is coming out. This includes talking to someone else, talking to yourself, whispering, singing, etc.

17 Questions During Instructional Time?

18 Individual, Partner, and Group Work
Follow the rules of the poster Stay on task Questions? Ask three then me

19 Getting Your Attention
When I need your attention I will have a few cues Stand at the front of the class and raise my hand Say “My class in 3, 2, 1” Ring the bell Please give me your attention immediately

20 Wait for you to stop talking?

21 Handing in Work Peer grading Baskets Interactive Science Notebooks

22 Fast Workers (What to do if you finish early)
Check your work again Work on your ISN Read silently Anything on the “I’m done” shelf

23 End of Class Two minute countdown The bell does not dismiss you – I do
Make sure your area is clean Push in your chairs every time you leave. Last class puts them on tables Do not loiter about the door!

24 Let’s work together to have a great school year!

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