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Mrs. Murphy General Chemistry Room 814

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1 Mrs. Murphy General Chemistry Room 814
Classroom Procedures Mrs. Murphy General Chemistry Room 814

2 Entering the Classroom
Enter the classroom before the bell rings No student enters class without paper and pencil Class begins when you enter the classroom Take your assigned seat and get out the materials you need for class Begin your six minute warm up Stop talking and be ready to listen when the bell rings No talking during announcements

3 Entering the Room Late In the event that you enter the room after the tardy bell rings: Enter quietly Write your first and last name and the date on the tardy sheet located at the front of the room Place homework in basket located on front desk Quietly find your seat, get out your class materials and determine where we are in class Prepare a 1 page explanation of your tardy and it’s effects on your learning and the learning of others

4 Food, Drink and Makeup NO, NO, NO
It’s a chemistry classroom people --- no food nor drinks allowed (with the exception of a water bottle) This is not a bathroom therefore you are not to be looking at your makeup or fixing your hair

5 Turning in Homework Homework is to be turned in prior to entering the classroom. I will greet you at the door and at that point you are to hand in your homework. This is most efficiently done if you are prepared and have your homework out and ready to turn in Late homework will not be accepted

6 Sharpening Pencils, getting supplies, blowing nose, throwing away trash
As soon as you find your seat you are to take out your materials – paper, pencil and calculator Once class has started you will not be able to get up to sharpen your pencil nor throw away trash (just keep your trash on your desk until you exit the room) If you have a runny nose and need tissue then bring it to class with you; I am not your personal item supplier nor am I a convenient store

7 Warm up Activity Every week you will be given a warm up sheet
On the first day of every new week you are to obtain a warm up paper from the desk next to the door. Write your name, date, and week # on your warm up sheet You will have six minutes to write the warm up question on your warm up sheet and to begin answering the question I may or may not review the information in the warm up. You are responsible for having all warm up questions and answers. After 6 minutes the warm up will be taken off of the board If you are late and miss the opportunity to write down the warm up then that is your misfortune; no one else's. I may collect warm up sheets at the end of the week or I may use them in notebook checks. Either way, be prepared!!!

8 Heading Your Papers Every paper you use in this class, whether it be notes, worksheets, book work etc. must have the proper heading. Failure to have the proper heading will result in losing points (five points for every part that is incorrect) Proper Heading: your name, my name, course/block, date, objective (or title of work (page number etc.)) Example: Brian Hogan Chemistry/ 1st block August 12, 2013 Correct Heading Procedures

9 How to Know When I Need Your Attention
When I walk to the front center of the room and raise my hand then you are to stop what you are doing, raise your hand as well and immediately become quiet. Once everyone is quiet I will begin If I am standing here with my hand raised and you continue to carry on with what you are doing then you will have a conversation with me at the end of class and your parents will be notified.

10 During the Work Period Class work comes in several ways:
Individual work – this means you work alone and are not to ask others for help Group work – this is when you are put into groups and are to work quietly with your group Collaborative work: this is when you are working alone and are allowed to quietly ask your neighbor for help In the case that collaborative work or group work becomes ineffective then all work becomes individual work.

11 Turning in Class Work Late work will not be accepted. You will be given sufficient time to complete your work; use your time wisely When turning in classwork during class Students in the back of the room will pass their papers forward, until all papers are at the front of the room Once all papers are at the front of the room the papers will then be passed to the right and given to me When turning in classwork at the end of class simply place your work in the basket located on the front desk

12 Class Discussions/Questions
If you have a question about the work then raise your hand Do not talk if another person is talking; no interrupting --- it’s rude

13 Instructional Time When I am talking you are to be listening
During instruction you are to take notes write your notes read over your notes rewrite your notes (this is an excellent study tool) If I am moving too quickly then let me know If you didn’t understand something then raise your hand and ask me to explain again (I don’t mind – it’s my job) Your job is to learn and to determine what it is that you don’t quite understand so that you can ask for help. My job is to help you to understand what it is that you are not understanding – I can only do this if you ask questions!!! Do NOT get up, talk to your neighbors, lay down your head, use your phone or any other electronic device during instructional time (or any other time in class unless permitted to do so)

14 Handouts and Notebooks
You will receive only 1 copy of each handout It is your responsibility to keep up with each handout You should put your name and date on each handout and put it in the appropriate place in your notebook Notebooks will be checked regularly

15 Lab Work We will do several lab activities throughout the semester.
These are opportunities that allow you to “work” with the concepts that we have been learning. Labs are not meant to be entertaining; rather they are to be educational. All lab work will require a pre-lab exercise and a lab report Lab reports are not due on the day of the lab. This is because a proper lab report requires more time than one class period I will choose lab groups and they will change from exercise to exercise All lab safety rules are to followed during the lab DO NOT SIT ON LAB BENCHES AT ANY TIME DURING THE SEMESTER Not following rules or procedures will earn you a zero for a lab This includes being at a lab station that is not your own. No questions asked!!!

16 Exiting the Classroom The teacher, myself, ends the class; NOT the bell Before exiting the class make sure that there is no trash on the floor in your area; If there is then pick it up and throw it aay on your way out. Make sure that all desks are put back into place (do not move my desks unless given permission to do so) If I find work on the floor after class or at the end of the day then it will be thrown away. You are responsible for keeping up with and turning in your work – not me

17 Absences If you are absent and it is excused then you may make up the work. If your absence is not marked as excused by the attendance office then you will receive a zero on any grades that were received that day. Any work that is due on the day of your absence is to be turned in on the day of your return. You will have as many days to make up work as you were absent. Do not ask for your makeup work during class. This is to be done before or after school.

18 Missed Tests/Quizzes/Labs
If you miss a test/quiz/lab and have an excused absence then you MUST come before or after school to make up the assignment. You will not be able to make up the test/lab/quiz during class time; doing so will cause you to get behind You have 1 week to make up any test/ quiz or lab that you missed due to an excused absence

19 Passes into and out of class
Passes out of class will not be given during the first two weeks of class Passes from other teachers will not be accepted – passes from administrators will be accepted If you need to go to the bathroom then do it in between classes (that’s when I go and when you should go to) You will only be allowed to go to the bathroom 3 times during the semester. Save your passes!!! Do not ask to leave my class for any other reasons!!!

20 QUESTIONS? ???????

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