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Classroom Procedures Ms. Grizzle.

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1 Classroom Procedures Ms. Grizzle

2 Entering Quietly enter the room. Pick-up folder/sketchbook.
Go directly to your seat. Begin working on warm-up activity. Voice level 0 or 1. You may sharpen pencils at this time. No bathroom passes during this time. .

3 Attention Signal (Wind Chime)
Stop what you are doing! Put all supplies down Voice Level 0 – voices off Look at teacher. Wait for directions

4 Direct Teach Listen to the teacher with full attention.
Voice Level 0 – Voices OFF! Watch, listen, and do when asked to. Ask permission to speak by raising your hand.  After instruction, make sure you understand .  If not, ask questions.

5 Group/Partner Work Stay in your group. Voice level 2 or lower.
You are responsible for your own work. Ask your team members for help if you have a question. Help if you are asked for help. Ask for help from the teacher only when the group agrees on the same question.

6 Independent Work Voice level 1
Stay in your seat unless you have permission to get up. You may sharpen pencils at your desk. Restroom passes available at this time (2 per six weeks). Work independently do not bother other students at your table. Raise your hand if you have questions or quietly ask someone at your table.

7 Restroom You are expected to use the restroom during break time
No restroom breaks during lessons You will have 2 restroom passes per six weeks. Use them wisely!

8 Clean-up and Exiting Clean your work area and place all materials where you got it from. Voice level 0 or 1 When finished sit silently facing the front Keep hands and body still Wait until the teacher gives further instructions Teacher will dismiss you by table, push in your chair.

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