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Watch video on Hitler (56 minutes)

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1 Watch video on Hitler (56 minutes)

2 Section Write – Ch. 13, Sect. 5 Explain in two to three sentences what kind of childhood and experiences one would have to have to become a dictator (a cruel leader).

3 Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany
Chapter 13, Section 5

4 CA Standards – Discuss human rights violations and genocide, including the Ottoman government's actions against Armenian citizens. – Analyze the rise, aggression, and human costs of totalitarian regimes (Fascist and Communist) in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union, noting especially their common and dissimilar traits.

5 Purpose of the lesson/What you should be able to do
You should be able to answer/explain how Hitler and the Nazi party established and maintained a totalitarian government in Germany

6 Learning Styles -Pictures -Video: Hitler -Primary source Visual (See)
Auditory (Hear) Kinesthetic (Touch - Realia) -Pictures -Video: Hitler -Primary source

7 Over-Arching Question
How did Hitler and the Nazi party establish and maintain a totalitarian government in Germany?

8 Instruction Conservative Germans criticized the Weimar Republic as too weak, and wanted another strong leader like Bismarck

9 Weimar Republic’s Problems (p.448-49)
- Weak government -Demands for social change from the communists -Attacks from conservatives who wanted a strong leader in charge -Blame for the Versailles treaty -Runaway inflation (price increases) -Reparation payments -Depression in the 1930s

10 Ruhr Valley Read page 449, Runaway Inflation

11 The Dawes Plan provided U. S
The Dawes Plan provided U.S. loans to Germany and reduced German reparations in 1924

12 Hitler’s Rise to Power National Socialist German Workers = Nazi party
1923 failed attempt to gain power by force Put in prison – wrote Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”) = Nazi goals and ideology Lebensraum (living space)

13 Read page 450, Biography on Adolf Hitler

14 Conservatives support Hitler over Communist believing they could control him, and elect him as chancellor in 1933

15 Der Führer = Leader = Hitler
The Swastika Different Sayings toward Hitler: Sieg Heil = "Victory Hail" or "hail victory"

16 Hitler Method of taking power Appointed chancellor; then purged (eliminated) opposition Style of leadership Dictatorship Handling of economic crisis Revived economy Goals Sought to regain lost lands and take over more

17 Hitler’s Popularity Hitler promised Germany an economic recovery–and he delivered it. As most of the world was gripped by the Great Depression, Hitler launched a massive public works program. Millions of Germans were employed constructing superhighways, office buildings, sports arenas, public housing, and military materials. As a result, unemployment dropped from six million in 1932 to one million in By 1938, there was a shortage of workers and women began taking jobs outside the home. Between 1932 and 1938, the standard of living for employed Germans rose by more than 20 percent. For the masses of ordinary Germans, those who were not Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, communists, or other persecuted minorities, Hitler had produced an economic miracle.



20 First Reich (empire) = medieval Holy Roman Empire

21 Second Reich = Bismarck in 1871

22 Third Reich = Hitler leading the German master race that would dominate Europe for 1,000 years

23 The Nazis rearmed Germany that was a total rejection of the Versailles treaty
Also planned the unification (uniting) of Germany and Austria

24 Gestapo

25 How did Hitler expand his control over the German people?
Brought business and labor under his control Indoctrinated young people with Nazi ideology Limited women’s roles Organized a system of terror and repression of opposition Placed severe restrictions on Jews Demanded that education and the arts reflect Nazi values Sought to replace religion with his racial creed

26 Aryan Race – “Master race”
Non-Aryan Race – “Inferior or subhuman” - Blonde and blue-eyed - White - Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies - Handicapped - Jehovah’s Witness - Homosexuals - Intellectuals (academics) - Communists

27 Hitler Makes War on the Jews
Nazis deprive Jews of rights, promote violence against them


29 In 1935, the Nazis passed the Nuremberg Laws
Drive Jews from Germany



32 The “Night of Broken Glass” or– Kristallnacht, Nazi-led mobs attacked Jews all over Germany
Read page 452, Night of Broken Glass

33 The Eastern European nations that were carved out of old European empires after WWI lacked capital (money) to develop industry

34 Eventually, right-wing dictators emerged in every Eastern European country except Czechoslovakia and Finland Read page 453, Democracy Retreats, from “Like Hitler…”

35 Guided Practice Reading and discussion of the Primary Source: Kristallnacht

36 Homework Read chapter 13, section 5

37 Closure/Conclusion What we have learned…
How did Hitler and the Nazi party establish and maintain a totalitarian government in Germany? Hitler won power by promising to solve Germany’s problems and to restore Germany’s greatness. He maintained power by disbanding all other political parties and using a system of terror and repression to control all aspects of German life. Section Questions

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