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Hitler and The Rise of Germany Ch 13.5

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1 Hitler and The Rise of Germany Ch 13.5

2 Struggles of the Weimar Republic
1919 Democratic government is created Constitution & parliament led by a Prime minister. Men & women both have the right to vote. New government includes a Bill of Rights. Major Problems Government is weak because of too many political parties. Many people accused Marxists and Jews of an imaginary conspiracy to betray Germany.

3 Struggles of the Weimar Republic
Major Problems cont. To help w/ worker & economic problems, the government printed large amounts of paper $$. Inflation spread out of control July 1922 a loaf of bread 100 marks by August ,000 marks.

4 Struggles of the Weimar Republic
Recovery 1924 United States developed a plan to help Germany. Dawes Plan- reduces German reparations, France with draws forces from the Ruhr and American loans help German economy. 1928 Germany begins to recover memories of the depression still linger and people look to a new leader to restore Germany’s greatness.

5 Adolf Hitler Born in Austria 1889
18yrs. Hitler is denied admission to art school begins to develop fanatical anti-Semitism. Find his first success in WWI, awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class


7 Adolf Hitler 1919 joins a group of right wing extremists
1920 Becomes the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi). 1923 writes Mein Kampf (My Struggle) from jail. Reflected his obsession of extreme nationalism, racism, German Master race, & anti-Semitism

8 Hitler’s Road to Power Hitler finds followers
He targets veterans, lower middle class and those who were frustrated about the future. As unemployment grew Nazi Party membership grew. Hitler promised to end reparations, create jobs, & re-arm Germany.

9 Hitler’s Road to Power cont.
Hitler becomes Chancellor in 1933 First actions: suspend civil rights destroy communists disband other political parties Germany becomes a one party state. Hitler purges & executes members of his own party.

10 Hitler’s Road to Power cont.
Hitler’s Third Reich Appealed to Nationalism Recalling past glories & a German master race. New totalitarian state System of terror & repression Secret police- Gestapo All areas of life are controlled by Nazi Party New Economy- Public Works program Re-arm Germany, business & labor put under government control


12 Hitler’s Road to Power cont.
Social Policy Young people introduced to a racist ideology Hitler Youth-Pledge absolute loyalty to Germany Women’s roles limited German Culture-Art and education Used for propaganda, books burned Jews corrupted art & music Christianity is declared weak and flabby.

13 Hitler’s Road to Power cont.
Authoritarian Rule in Eastern Europe Most new nations in post WWI went from democratic to authoritarian rule, created instability. Ethnic Nationalism ethnic and economic problems help Fascist rulers to gain power.

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