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Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany

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1 Hitler and the Rise of Nazi Germany
13.5 Notes

2 Standard and Objective
Analyze the rise of totalitarian regimes… Objective: To understand how Hitler and the Nazi party established and maintained control over Germany

3 The Weimar Republic’s Rise and Fall
Weimar Republic- gov. in Germany after WWI Parliament and chancellor Weak and difficult to govern Inflation out of control 100 marks in 1922 = 944,000 marks in 1923 Dawes Plan- less reparations, American loans helped recovery Great Depression collapsed economy again

4 Nazi Parties Rise to Power
Adolf Hitler joined a group of extremists in 1919 and soon rose to leader of the National Socialist German Workers or Nazi party Mein Kampf- “my struggle” Hitler’s book written while in prison for a failed power grab in Munich Extreme nationalism Anti- Semitism racism

5 III. Hitler Comes to Power
Hitler’s campaign Lebensraum- “living space” for German people Fuhrer- “strong leader” Unite Germany Hitler’s message resonated w/ people during the depression Legally elected chancellor in 1933

6 IV. The Third Reich Controls Germany
Third Reich- Hitler declared the third great German Empire Suspended civil rights Destroyed communists, disbanded other political parties Public works projects Rearm Germany

7 V. Totalitarianism Hitler created a totalitarian state, controlled:
Education Government Religion Methods of enforcement: SS troopers Gestapo-secret police Propaganda

8 VI. Campaign vs. the Jews Nuremberg Laws- stripped Jews of citizenship, placed restrictions No law or medicine No government jobs ect. Night of Broken Glass- Nazi mobs attacked Jewish communities 11/9 and 10 /1938

9 VII. Nazi Youth and Culture
Hitler indoctrinated youth with “Hitler Youth” programs and rewrote school texts Woman were dismissed from high level jobs and shut out of universities Created a state church, muzzled Catholic church

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