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The Rise of Nazi Germany

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1 The Rise of Nazi Germany

2 Rise of the Weimer's Republic
As world war I ended Germany was on brink of chaos. Their leader was forced to leave due to the threat of a socialist revolution. In 1919 German leaders drafted a constitution in the city of Weimer.The constitution set up a parliamentary system led by a chancellor or prime minster.

3 Political Struggle The new German republic faced many problems from the start. It was weak politically because of many small parties like France. The Government was led by democratic socialists that came under fire from both the communists and conservatives.  Germans blamed the Republic for the treaty of Versailles.

4 Ruhr Valley The Ruhr valley was a coal rich valley owned by the french German workers in the valley used passive resistance and refusing to work to support the workers. The Republic made huge amounts of money to pay them and sent the country into inflation.

5 Recovery With help from western powers the Republic brought the inflation under control. and in 1924 the US, British and French proposed the reduce the German war payments but then the great depression hit and forced Germany to turn to a new leader Adolf Hitler

6 Adolf Hitler & The Rise of Nazis
Hitler fought in the German army during WW1 In 1919 he joined a small group of right-wing extremists and despised the Weimer Government Within a year he became a leader to the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) and he organized the Nazis to fight in the streets against their political enemies

7 Adolf Hitler & The Rise of Nazis
In 1923 Hitler made a failed attempt to seize power in Munich, he was arrested and found guilty of treason. While in prison Hitler wrote a book; Mein Kampf or "My Struggle" The book reflected Hitler's obsessions, extreme nationalism, racism, and anti-semitism

8 Adolf Hitler & The Rise of Nazis
Hitler believed that Germans were superior and a "master race" His greatest enemies were the Jews because of their different beliefs He defined Jews as "anyone with one Jewish grandparent"  He blamed Germany's defeat of WW1 on a conspiracy of Marxists, Jews, corrupt politicians, and business leaders

9 Adolf Hitler & The Rise of Nazis
After less than a year Hitler was released from prison  As unemployment grew Nazi membership grew to almost a million His promise was to end reparations, create jobs, and rearm Germany Conservative politicians turned toward Hitler 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor under the Weimer constitution 

10 Adolf Hitler & The Rise of Nazis
Within a year Hitler was dictator of Germany  Hitler and his supporters suspended civil rights, destroyed communists and socialists, and disbanded other political parties  Hitler purged his own party, brutally executing Nazis that he felt were disloyal Nazis learned that Hitler demanded strict obedience

11 Third Reich Controls Germany
Hitler and the Nazis moved to build a new Germany The First Reich was the medieval Holy Roman Empire Second Reich: empire forged by Bismarck in 1871  Hitler made the new Third Reich which the German "master race" would dominate Europe

12 Third Reich Controls Germany
Hitler launched large public works programs Tens of thousands of people were put to work building highways and housing or replanting forests Began to rearm Germany and unite Germany and Austria Organized a brutal system of totalitarianism rule, Nazis controlled all areas of German life, from government to education and religion 

13 Third Reich Controls Germany
Hitler had secret police called the Gestapo.     The Gestapo was out to get rid of anyone opposing Hitler's rule.

14 Third Reich Controls Germany
In 1935 the Nazi's passed the Nuremburg Laws.  This deprived the Jews of German citizenship and restricted them of many things.  The Jews were only allowed to marry Jews.  They were not allowed to attend German schools or Universities.  They could not practice Law or Medicine.  They were not even allowed to publish Books.

15 Kristallnacht This was called the “ Night of Broken Glass.”
On Nov. 7, 1938, a young Jew shot and wounded a German Diplomat for mistreating his parents. Hitler started the “ Night of Broken Glass” as a retaliation to this. On Nov. 9-10, Nazi led mobs attacked Jewish communities all over Germany, Austria, and the annexed portions of Czechoslovakia.  Hitler then created a plan called “The Final Solution”, or the extermination of all the Jews.

16 Nazi Youth Hitler introduced his terrifying ideas to children.
Hitler would have young children fight for him. He urged them to destroy the Jews with no mercy.

17 Purging German Culture
 Hitler tried to purify the German culture. He denounced modern art, saying it was corrupted by the Jews. The Nazi's commended Jazz because it had African roots. The Nazi's also closed all of the Catholic Schools.

18 Democracy Retreats Economic Problems and ethnic tensions contributed to instability.  This helped Fascist rulers gain power one in eastern Europe and set the tables to start World War II.

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