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MGNREGS-AP Convergence with other schemes

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1 MGNREGS-AP Convergence with other schemes
Dept. of Rural Development Government of Andhra Pradesh

2 MGNREGS – Efforts at Convergence
Nirmal Bharat Abhiyaan (NBA) & SERP Tribal Welfare Dept. Panchayat Raj Dept. Irrigation Dept. Agriculture Dept. Horticulture Dept. Forest Dept. Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP). Indira Jala Prabha (IJP).

3 Individual Household Latrines (IHHL): NBA & SERP
Women SHGs identify the eligible beneficiaries in villages The list of beneficiaries finalized after the approval of Gram Sabha Each IHHL unit is taken as one work Estimates are generated in Mandal Computer Centers Technical support to IHHLs in weaker section housing colonies by State Housing Corporation. Payment is software enabled and is done seemlessly through a single window to the beneficiary as follows : Unit cost of IHHL of size 3’x4’ Feet – Rs. 10,000/- EGS share – Rs. 4,500/- NBA share – Rs. 4,600/- Beneficiary contribution – Rs. 900/-

4 IHHL: Convergence with NBA & SERP
Wage payments are made to the beneficiaries based on the muster Material payments are made to beneficiary / GP / supplier Centralized account is maintained for both EGS & NBA funds and drawn through eFMS Final Payment is made on uploading of the completed IHHL photograph through GPS coordinates Administrative Sanctions given for taking up 16.5 lakh IHHLs at an estimated cost is Rs Cr. As on 2nd Sept, 2.22 lakh IHHLs are in progress and lakhs completed. Expenditure incurred is Rs Cr. (NBA funding Rs 77 Cr.,EGS funding Rs Cr.)


6 BNRGSK: Convergence with Panchayat Raj Dept. & Tribal Welfare Dept.
Funds through MGNREGS Technical Support by Panchayat Raj & Tribal Welfare Engineers 3% admin charges allowable on the total expenditure Exclusive Departmental Computer Centers Payments by Executive Engineers through eFMS Works taken up: BNRGSK – Mandal level buildings BNRGSK – GP level buildings Rural Connectivity to Unconnected habitations CC roads & drains in SC / ST localities Internal roads in SC / ST colonies in convergence with MP Lads /MLA CDP funds / GP funds or other government funds

7 Status of works: Rural Connectivity:
51395 works taken-up with an estimated cost of Rs Cr. 37888 works completed & works are in progress by incurring an expenditure of Rs Cr. 28881 kms of road formed benefitting habitations. BNRGSK Gram Panchayat Building Works: 4639 works taken up with an estimated cost of Rs Crores 2831 works completed & 1808 works are in progress by incurring an expenditure of Rs. 309 Cr. BNRGSK Mandal Building Works: 1029 works works taken-up with an estimated cost of Rs Cr 573 works completed & 456 works in progress by incurring an expenditure incurred Rs Cr.



10 Status of works: (cont)
Comprehensive Development of SC/ST Colonies Project 13727 works taken up taken up with an estimated cost of Rs Cr 760 works completed & works are in progress with an expenditure of Rs Cr and 1113 kms length of road. Internal roads with CC drains ( CC carpeting with matching fund) 2355 works taken-up with an estimated cost of Rs Cr 433 works completed & 1922 works in progress by incurring an expenditure of Rs Cr. and 106 kms of road formed

11 Convergence with Irrigation Dept.
Works identification by Gram Sabha Execution by RD Dept. Technical approvals by Irrigation Dept. Engineers. Wage payments to wageseekers through musters Material payments to GP/suppliers Types of works taken up: Excavating of the peripheral trench, Bund plantation along the boundary of MI tank in foreshore Revetment to bund Repairs to surplus weir Repairs to sluice Restoration of Irrigation Tanks Breach closing to MI tank Construction of Cattle Ramps in MI tanks

12 Convergence with Irrigation Dept.
18131 Minor Irrigation tanks were restored including de-silting by incurring an expenditure of Rs Cr. till last year. 25448 works were identified with an estimated cost of Rs Cr for the FY Rs. 121 Cr has been spent on the MI tanks works during the year.


14 Agriculture & Allied activities
Identification by Gram Sabha Execution by RD Dept. Wage payments to wageseekers through musters Material payments to beneficiaries/GP/suppliers Types of works taken up: NADEP compost Compost pits Perennial fodder development Rising of silvipasture with subabul plantations Cattle drinking water troughs Fish production & fish rearing ponds

15 Status of Works Particulars Sanctioned works Estimated cost (lakhs)
Progress Expenditure incurred NADEP compost 11979 2016 285 9.8 Compost pits 80 9.08 7 0.38 Perennial fodder development 598 270.8 269 45.5 Rising of silvipasture with subabul plantations 56 8.5 5 0.3 Cattle drinking water troughs 133 23.1 46 4.9 Fish production & fish rearing ponds 931 2785 256 490

16 Convergence with Horticulture dept.
100% assistance including maintenance for 3 years. Target group – SCs & STs small & marginal farmers of BPL families The maximum extent to each farmer up to 5 Acres Beneficiary selection in Gram Sabha Convergence with NHM & APMIP Financial Assistance to implement the MIP Installation : AP-MIP Share % MGNREGS Share - 30%

17 Convergence with Horticulture dept.
Execution by RD department Dry Land Horticulture encouraged Specie selection and plant material selection by the beneficiaries Wage Payments to wage seekers Material payments to beneficiaries Monthly maintenance charges paid to beneficiaries for surviving Rs. 15/- per plant per month

18 Convergence with Horticulture dept.
A. Assistance to the Beneficiaries: To provide 100 % assistance to beneficiary farmers for three years. Horticulture crops proposed : Mango Sapota Jamoon Sweet orange Cashew Crusted Apple Tamarind Acid lime Coconut Oil palm Guava B. Achievements Till date horticulture plantation taken up in acres covering beneficiaries, with an expenditure of Rs Cr


20 MGV Nurseries & Bund Planting
Under drought Proofing category Raising seedlings and tree plantations along the boundary of beneficiaries lands Beneficiaries : SC, ST, SF and MF category farmers. Seedlings Supply : For two years during and seasons the Forest Department produced and supplied the seedlings Current year, seedlings (Teak & Red Sandals) raised by DWMAs. Package of benefits : Maintenance Rs. 50/-, Rs. 30/- and Rs. 21/- per survived plant during 1st , 2nd and 3rd year to the beneficiary. A beneficiary is permitted max. 800 plants to plant on his field bunds. So far crore seedlings were planted in 10 lakh acres belonging to lakh farmers


22 Convergence with IWMP Complete saturation mode based Detailed Project Reports (DPR) planning and convergence plan for MGNREGS. Segregation of NRM based Projects in between IWMP & MG-NREGS in IWMP villages. 15 out of 26 Projects of works i.e watershed related works are taken up by IWMP as well as NREGS staff in IWMP villages

23 Convergence with MGNREGS under NRM
Coverage of SC, ST small,& marginal farmers under MGNREGS Farmers other than SC, ST, small & marginal farmers are covered under IWMP Construction of water harvesting structures in all farmers lands

24 Convergence with MGNREGS under NRM
Ground Water Recharge, Drainage Line Treatment, Afforestation, Fodder development ,Common Property resources Projects Others – Flood control, Roads etc Land Development & Fodder Dev. Projects Dry Land Horticulture Land Dev. works Watershed Computer Centre Mandal Computer Centre Watershed Computer Centre Mandal Computer Centre NREGS Funds IWMP FUNDS NREGS FUNDS

25 Progress of NRM Amount Rs in Crores Batch IWMP fund with IWMP staff
Convergence with NREGS NREGS Fund with IWMP staff NREGS Fund with NREGS staff Total NREGS fund with IWMP & NREGS staff Phy Fin I 29978 114.95 7458 22.62 87653 263.18 95111 285.80 II 24824 104.45 6801 22.94 148636 453.81 155437 476.76 III 4508 11.26 929 1.39 122969 371.70 123898 373.09 Total 59310 230.66 15188 46.95 357258 374446

Objective To irrigate 10 lakh acres of land Of Poorest of Poor households – SC/ST Major anti-poverty initiative GW to be a community asset Equity in access of groundwater Convergence with MGNREGS to improve asset quality Not only GW exploitation, but recharge. Optimum utilization of ground water through MIP Scope - Project Cost Sno Description Amount (Rs. in Crores) 1 NABARD Component (i) Works 785.72 (ii) 1% towards Survey & Investigation 7.85 (iii) 2% towards Training & CB 15.71 (iv) Cost Escalation 78.57 NABARD sub-total 887.87 2 EGS component 950.50 Grand Total

27 Works under I J P. Works with NABARD funds. Works with MGNREGS funds
Purchase of motors Energisation Cement troughs for water storage for Borewells with low yield Lift Irrigation Any other work requiring use of machinery on case to case basis. Name board. Works with MGNREGS funds Irrigation source for SC/STs Bore well recharge structures MIP Agro – forestry Dry land Horticulture Any other work from the existing projects under MGNREGS

28 IJP - Progress Phase-I Description Target Achievement (since Oct-2011)
NABARD (incl. state share) Rs. 420 crores (in 3 years) Rs. 115 crores EGS Rs. 455 crores (in 3 years) Rs. 195crores Total Rs. 875 crores (in 3 years) Rs. 310 crores Phase – II (incl. state share) (Future RIDF) Rs. 444 crores (in 3 years) Rs. 519crores (in 3 years) Rs. 963 crores (in 3 years)


30 Convergence: Key Challenges
Identification of works every year & creation of durable assets Leveraging technical and domain expertise desirable for creation of durable assets Resistance by Departments due to difference in execution norms - leading to low level of active participation Execution of technical works within MGNREGS framework by EGS functionaries is a difficult task For optimum leveraging - Separation of material component completely and allowing material intensive works to be executed as per Departmental norms.

31 Thank You!! Dept. of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh

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