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Development of Lands of Poor Rural Development, Govt. of A.P.

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1 Development of Lands of Poor Rural Development, Govt. of A.P.

2 Welcome Presentation on Development of Lands of Poor Department of Rural Development Date31.01.2008

3 Objective Development of fallow lands of poor SC,ST and BPL families into productive assets based on land suitability.

4 Poor Peoples lands Irrigated lands Dry / Rain fed lands Development of lands of poor into Productive Assets Wastelands SMC works Cultivated Un cultivated With irrigation potential Without irrigation potential Bio-diesel / Perennial Grasses or Forage trees Land Development/SMC Land development/SMC Horticulture / Floriculture Vegetable cultivation Dry land horticulture / Pulp wood plantation Creation of irrigation potential Horticulture / Floriculture / Vegetable cultivation Food crops

5 Management of Natural Resources Water Land Deve. Soil and moisture conservation Land Bio-mass Water harvesting structures Comman d area of tanks & projects Revival of old water bodies Raising grasses Raising of plantation Raising of field crops Improving soil fertility Land leveling Bush/J ungle clearanc e Remov al of stones Fodder horticulture Pulp wood Rubber Energy (bio fuels) Afforestati on Others Food crops Comm ercial crops Vegeta bles Floricul ture Others Compo st pit Vermi compost pits Land reclama tion Bunding (Earthen, pebble & stone) RFDs LBS Vegetativ e barriers Trenching (continuou s & staggered) Gabian structures MPTs Check dams Farm ponds Check walls Percola tion tank Diversio n drains Supply channel s Feeder Channel Desilting of tanks, open wells, & canals Bund strengtheni ng Repairs to sluice & weirs Breach closing

6 Land Development Package Enables farmers in converting their unproductive lands into productive assets Stage wise development based on land capability Group approach to meet further credit requirements for sustainability Block of lands

7 Land Development Package Activities include Land development SMC Fertility management creation of irrigation facilitates Raising crops Plantations.

8 Focus 2008-09 - Assigned lands (not covered under CLDP) blocks). 2009 onwards –Assigned lands and Blocks of lands of poor SC,ST and BPL families.

9 Identification of lands 2008-09 Select few mandals (15 -20 mandals). Cover 100-150 acres/mandal On an average 2000 to 3000 acres/district Assigned lands (lands not covered under CLDP). Lands in blocks as far as possible Lands identified during INRM process and by IKP(lands) may also form the basis.

10 Data input sheet farmer wise (farmer to be facilitated to identify works)

11 Implementation arrangements Farmers of identified blocks organized into common interest groups. Para worker selected by farmers for technical guidance. FA,TA & APO completely involved in the works. Regular EGS processes followed with few modifications in estimate generation and fund flow

12 Implementation Capacity building Para workers and EGS staff including computer operators to be trained thoroughly on the package. Training on filling data input sheets, activities and water shed concept. Farmers trained on the identification of activities in their fields,execution of works fund flow and payments. Preparation of proposals Field visit by farmer, para worker. Identification of activities based on slope and extent of land degradation. List of activities to be executed. Filling of data input sheet in the field itself Signing of the data input sheet by the farmer and para worker.

13 Implementation cont… Approvals Consolidation of farmer wise treatment plans block wise. Block wise works to be executed shall be prepared as a comprehensive land development work. All the works (block wise) shall be placed before Grama Sabha for approval.

14 Implementation cont… Generation of estimates Separate estimates block wise. Technical assistant to prepare estimates Approval of the estimate by concerned technical staff. APO to submit the proposals along with estimates to PD, DWMA. Administrative sanction by the District Collector. List of sanctioned land development works in shelf by March, 2008.

15 Execution of works Farmers wise sanctions and block wise estimates Farmers to work in their own fields Payment based on muster roll and measurement sheet Payment weekly into their account Common works for group of farmers

16 Registers / Records Treatment plans (block wise, farmer wise). Works progress register (block wise, farmer wise).

17 Calendar of activities Sl.No.ParticularsDate 1Identification of lands of poor in blockJanuary 2Field survey and identification of activities, filling of data input sheets February 3Training to farmers and formats of CIGFebruary 4Consolidation of date input sheets of farmers CIG wiseFebruary 5Approval in Gram SabhaFebruary 6Generation of EstimatesMarch 7Technical estimates and sanctionsMarch 8Grounding a.Land leveling & bush clearance b.SMC activities c.Water Harvesting Structure Plantation (Horticulture, Pulp wood etc.) April, May June

18 Monitoring Technical assistant and APO to inspect all the blocks in the mandal. MPDO shall inspect 50% of the blocks. PD, DWMA shall inspect 25% of the blocks randomly.

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