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1 NIRMAL BHARAT ABHIYAN madhya pradesh
Presentation on Convergence Model State Water and Sanitation Mission

2 About Total Sanitation Campaign
Total Sanitation Campaign initiated in 1999 as a part of Reform Principle. More emphasis on IEC activities less on subsidy. Only BPL household got Rs. 625/HH Norms revised in 2006 to Rs. 1500/HH toilet. Still, no incentive to APL households. Challenge :- Low cost toilets, non-sustainable, low motivation level and quality not upto the mark.

3 Need of convergence with MGNREGA
Due to low cost of toilets. No durable and sustainable technology available. Low motivational factor for the construction and usage of toilets due to low incentive. No incentive to marginal APL household. No Demand generation. Individual focused campaign. Cost of raw material and labour was high.

4 TSC after Convergence with MGNREGA Nirmal Vatika since 2007
Strengthening of infrastructural facilities. Focus on livelihood in rural areas and night soil use for production of bio-fertilizer. To increase the incentive to BPL/SC/ST families. Two leach pit constructed Five plant provided for each family. Bio-Fertilizer made - Either used or sold for income generation. Incentive from TSC was Rs. 1200/HH and Cost range from Rs Rs. 4500/toilet which is met with MGNREGA.

5 TSC - Cost revised @Rs. 2500/unit after convergence
GoI has revised the Rs per IHHL Cost has been revised from 1st April 2008. Central Share : Rs. 1500/unit State Share : Rs. 700/unit Beneficiary share - Rs. 300/unit Eligible families - BPL families Under Nirmal Vatika (sub-Scheme of MGNREGA) range per unit from Rs to 4000/unit) All SC/ST families included in the State.

6 TSC - Cost revised @ Rs. 3500/unit after convergence
GoI has revised the Rs per IHHL Cost has been revised from 1st April 2010. Central Share : Rs. 2200/unit State Share : Rs. 1000/unit Beneficiary share - Rs. 300/unit Eligible families - BPL families Under Nirmal Vatika (sub-Scheme of MGNREGA) range per unit from Rs to 4000/unit) All SC/ST families included in the State.

7 Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan - Convergence model
With Madhya Pradesh model of convergence, TSC renamed to“Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan” (NBA) from 01/04/2012. Focus on making whole village ODF. Convergence with MGNREGA. Incentive to : All BPL/SC/ST APL - Small and marginal farmers APL - Landless farmer with homestead APL - Physically handicapped. APL - Women headed household Incentive raised from Rs to Rs. 5500/IHHL from NBA. MGNREGA share - Rs. 4400/HH Till date, household toilet constructed since 01/04/2012.

8 Provision of Family Toilet under NBA convergence with MGNREGA
Structure Unit Cost MGNREGA NBA for cost of material Unskilled labor Material Household toilet with two leach pits and one water tank Rs 9900/- Rs 2640/- for 20 unskilled man Rs 132/- per day Payment will be provided to employment cardholders through master roll system Rs 1760/- for 06 man days (Mason/ Plumber/MAT) 05 days labor for Rs 290/- per day up to a maximum of Rs 1460/- Incentive amount for MAT is Rs 300 Incentive amount to MAT will be paid after use of toilet Payment will be done through Voucher system. Rs 4600/- from NBA + Rs 900/- from beneficiary, Total Rs 5500/- will be used as cost of material

9 Salient Features of NBA in Madhya Pradesh
Capacity building of all stakeholders. Whole Gram Panchayats taken up for Nirmal Gram Puraskar. Gram Panchayat with water in all habitation taken on priority basis. Gram Panchayat with higher sanitation coverage prioritized under NRDWP i.e. Conjoint approach of water and sanitation from 01/04/2012. Total 5856 Gram Panchayats identified this year under this approach. ABC

10 Salient Features of NBA in Madhya Pradesh - WASH in Schools
All schools to be covered with separate toilet units for boys and girls. Convergence and joint action plan developed with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (RSK) in MP - distribution of targets and costs. Provision from Panch Permeshwar scheme for construction of hand washing platforms in the schools Provision of Safai Karmi for cleaning schools toilets. Formation of Child Cabinet and Clean School Award - for motivation and sustainability. ABC

11 Salient Features of NBA in Madhya Pradesh - Solid & liquid Waste management.
Solid and Liquid Waste management (SLWM) in ‘project mode’ based on number of households Cap of Rs. 7/12/15/20 lakh with Gram Panchayats having up to 150/300/500/ >500 households on a Centre and State/GP sharing ratio of 70:30. Convergence with Rs. 5 lakhs for 1000 population. Projects prioritized for Nirmal status GPs -Awarded and proposed. Works to be taken for SLWM With NBA MNREGA convergence Liquid waste management-Construction of oxidation pond, sewage line for grey and black water-reuse and collection, soakage pit Solid waste management- Construction of compost pit, waste segregation unit, vermi-compost from NBA fund Solid and liquid waste management- Provision of dustbins at HH level, provision of collection trolly/tricycle, human resource for collection, segregation waste management, procurement of other materials for segregation, collections and decomposition kit, uniform for human resource. ABC

12 Discussion points Some blocks ready to ODF but due to hard strata/rocky surface areas, few toilets yet to be constructed. Special funding provision for Hard Starta Surface area/ villages to construct Bio Toilets through DRDO. F.O.R. cost till 100% construction of Bio-toilets is Rs /toilet with RCC work. Along with NBA, permission to allow the convergence of funds from Infrastructure budget of IAP and BRGF to cover balance cost of Bio-toilet cost.

13 Funding Pattern at a glance under TSC
Construction of Individual Latrine for Rs.625 each(60:20:20) during inception of TSC COST REVISED - Rs. 1,500/- per unit from April 2006, Rs. 2500/Unit from April 2008, Rs. 3500/unit from April 2009 onwards Construction of Individual Latrine for APL (No Incentives) Women Sanitary Complexes (60:20:20) Rs 2.00 lakhs School Rs.20,000 (60:30:10) (Revised sharing patter is 70:30), Revised norms Rs /unit from April 2010 Anganwadi Rs. 5,000 per unit (60:30:10) (Revised sharing pattern is 70:30) Revised norms Rs. 8000/unit from April 2010 Alternative delivery mechanism upto 5% ( maximum of Rs. 35 lakh/ district) (80:20): RSM/PC Revised guideline include Revolving Fund Maxm Rs Lacs for Group landing Activity ( 80:20:00) Start up activities upto 5 % of the project cost ( GoI = 100%) Administrative charges upto 5 % (80:20) Start Up & IEC ( 15% of the project cost ) Solid & Liquid waste Management upto 10% (60:20:20)


15 Toilet Constructed under Maryada, District- Neemuch and Shajapur



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