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Part A NBA + MGNREGA Part B MGNREGA + Other Schemes.

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2 Part A NBA + MGNREGA Part B MGNREGA + Other Schemes

3 PART A: NBA + MGNREGA Different line departments-PHE and RD NBA- Individual centric, MGNREGA –Panvchayat based,Beneficiary’s contribution is an issue. Hurdle’s from Estimates, SOR, valuation Record keeping and MIS Management Old sanctions under NBA but not yet constructed Challenges/Issues

4 Administrative coordination from district level to cluster level-streamlining TS & AS Financial Convergence at block level Gram Panchayat as work agency Standard estimate based on RES SOR,TA, RES Sub engineers authorized for valuation. Regular monitoring, coordination and training ( specially IAY beneficiary) Steps taken

5 Standard Estimate



8 PART B: MGNREGA + other Schemes Durable Assets Gap filling Enhancing livelihood capabilities Compressive Development

9  Ground leveling, Earth work, Mitti- murum work, watering compaction from MGNREGA( mainly labour oriented).In Durg district for 164 roads 30.50 crores spend from MGNREGA where as Surface, metal and BT from CMGSY ( State Scheme) Rs 281.37 Crore sanctioned.  Two different agencies- RES for MGNREGA where as CMGSY for State scheme work.  430 km long Road 1100 settlements connected CMGSY : better road connectivity

10 CMGSY ( Dhamadha block)

11  SHG based approach for NREGA 2 beneficiary oriented projects. e.g. Poultry shed, Goat shed  SGSY: Revolving fund (25000)+ Bank loan (20000 t0 50000) + subsidy (50,000 to 1,25000)+ training  MGNREGA : Poultry shed (4,00,000), bigger scale /reduction in material component. Capacity 3000 birds.  13 th FINANCE( infrastructure,money 10%)- hand pump for water supply.(35000)  Under SGSY and MGNREGA II 23 groups(275 members) benefitted,loan of 82 lakh distributed,  Replicating same pattern under NRLM Better livelihood


13  Ponds Constructed /Deepened under MGNREGA  Fish seed worth 95 lakh along with Fishing nets worth 45 lakh provided to various group through fishery Depart ( mainly RKVY)  In 7206 ponds Spread over 10226 hectares fishing provides livelihood. Better livelihood by better utilization of Assets created

14  3940 ponds given on lease to 172 fishermen cooperative groups, 1636 ponds given to 558 SHG and 1630 to individual fishermen  8500 ice box distributed  In 2012-13 total production 21,775 mt worth 10.88 crore in the district from capacity created by MGNREGA Better livelihood by better utilization of Assets created

15  Out of 12 blocks only one Tribal block with 871 FRA beneficiary  MGNREGA :231 beneficiaries land leveling.  IAY :houses to 537 FRA beneficiaries.  NHM, RKVY for Seeds.  Pucca Well - MGNREGA, Pump from Shakambari scheme FRA beneficiaries:

16  IWMP supplements material components of durability enhancement of structures and improvingg their utility.  SGSY, IWMP(livelihood component) Agriculture dept schemes, Fisheries focused effort. IWDP,IWMP areas: Gabdinala projects VillageWorkNREGAIWMPPHE13 FinanceTotalRemark TilodaPond9.044.38--13.42250 M Protective wall ArjuniPond9.37120.4021.37Nahar lining, rapta construction

17  MGNREGA 6.67 lakh ( maximum on labour but ranges from 5-7 % compensated against other labour oriented works, specially NREGA I, in that panchayat)  RGSY 3.33 lakh (100 % material) BNRGSK + MGNREGA

18 Some observations...... 1. Prime convergences are mainly financial or Administrative convergences, created as way out for structural/system induced bottel necks. 2. Section specific (e. g. Sangawari)or geographical area(IWMP area) approach is necessary. 3. IAP, BRGF are highly useful in convergence as allows freedom and flexibility to cater local needs. 4. Untapped avenues…13th finance, 5. Permission can be given for gap filling by using Interest money of various schemes.

19 Thank you !!!

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