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Convergence of MGNREGS "A STEP AHEAD". Wage Employment to Sustainable Livelihood VISION.

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1 Convergence of MGNREGS "A STEP AHEAD"

2 Wage Employment to Sustainable Livelihood VISION

3 Integrated Area Development Integrated Natural Resource Management Our Approach Selection of works – ► Cluster based ► Activity based

4 4 Village Map & Transit Walk 1.Administrative arrangement Survey teams – Total members – Transit walk – villages

5 MGNREGS in M.P. % Convergence SectorWorksConvergence Rural Infrastructure Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak Yojana MGNREGS, B.R.G.F. & State Plan Internal RoadsMGNREGS, Finance Commission, MP/MLA Fund, Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra/ Gram Panchayat Bhawan MGNREGS, B.R.G.F,IAP, Performance Grant. SahastradharaMGNREGS,WRD & NVDA Play GroundMGNREGS, & PYKKA (panchayat Yuva Kridha & Khel Abhiyan)

6 MGNREGS in M.P. % Convergence SectorWorksConvergence Integrated Natural Resource management Climate Proofing Integrated Micro Project MGNREGS, Agiculture, Horticulture NRLM,SGSY Watershed Development Programme MGNREGS, Agiculture, Horticulture NRLM,SGSY Narmada Valley Watershed Area Treatment MGNREGS, NVDA Social ForestryMGNREGS, Forest & Horticulture

7 MGNREGS in M.P. % Convergence SectorWorksConvergence Livelihood Activities KapildharaMGNREGS, Tribal Welfare, Agriculture & SGSY Nandan Phlodhyan MGNREGS, & Horticulture,SGSY/ NRLM, RKVY MinakshiMGNREGS & Fishery Vanya & ReshamMGNREGS & Resham Departmant Rural Sanitation Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan 1.IHHL, 2. SLWM MGNREGS, NBA & Beneficiaries Contribution. MGNREGS & NBA Rural Drinking Water Nirmal Neer MGNREGS, & Public Health Engineering

8 3.71 Lakh Wells Sanctioned 2.77 Lakh Wells Completed Crore Expenditure lifting Divices installed Dug Well-MGNREGS & Water Lifting Devices from SGSY, Bundelkhand Package, TDPA and Agriculture Deptt. In FY Numbers of wells : 0.94 Lakh Expenditure MGNREGS Rs. 660 Cr. Total pump set : Rs. 87 Cr from SGSY+ State scheme Integrated Natural Resource Development KAPILDHARA – Irrigation Well 4.15 Lakh Hectare additional irrigation under MGNREGS

9 9,019 Habitation 7,575 Roads 19,386 km length State Funds Component– Rs. 2,486 Crore MGNREGS Component – Rs. 495 Crore Mandi Fund Component – Rs. 350 Crore BRGF Component – Rs. 303 Crore Total estimated Cost – Rs. 3,634 Cr. Integrated Area Development (Gravel Road) FY State Funds Component– Rs. 895 Crore MGNREGS Component– Rs. 396 Crore RGF Component – Rs. 108 Crore Total estimated expenditure – Rs Crore Earth Works - MGNREGS, Cross Drainage Works – BRGF and State Funds Gravel – State Fund

10 Internal Roads 7430 Km Roads length Unskilled labour & Material limit to 60:40 - MGNREGS, Additional Material Cost - State Funds State Funds Component– Rs Crore MGNREGS Component – Rs. 786 Crore Total estimated Cost – Rs Crore Up to FY State Funds Component – Rs.1125 Crore MGNREGS Component – Rs. 433 Crore Total expenditure – Rs Crore Integrated Area Development (CC Road)

11 With Madhya Pradesh model of convergence, TSC renamed to“Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan” (NBA) from 01/04/2012. Focus on making whole village ODF. Incentive to : – All BPL/SC/ST – APL - Small and marginal farmers – APL - Landless farmer with homestead – APL - Physically handicapped. – APL - Women headed household Incentive raised from Rs to Rs. 5500/IHHL from NBA. MGNREGA share - Rs. 4400/HH (SC/ST,BPL,IAY,Land Reform, Small and marginal farmers & Forest Dwellers) Till date, household toilet constructed since 01/04/2012. Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan - Convergence model Convergence with MGNREGA.

12 Provision of Family Toilet under NBA convergence withMGNREGA StructureUnit CostMGNREGANBA for cost of material Unskilled labourMaterial Household toilet with two leach pits and one water tank Rs 9900/-  Rs 2920/- for 20 unskilled man Rs 146/- per day  Payment will be provided to employment cardholders through master roll system  Rs 1480/- for 06 man days (Mason/ Plumber/MAT)  Payment will be done through Voucher system/e-muster. Rs 4600/- from NBA + Rs 900/- from beneficiary, Total Rs 5500/- will be used as cost of material Solid and Liquid Waste Management 12lakh for 150 families 17 lakh for 300 families 20 lakh for 500 families  Rs 3 lakhs for earth works  Rs 2 lakhs for Semiskilled & Material 1) 07 lakh for 150 families 2) 12 lakhs for 300 families 3) 15 lakhs for 500 families Note:70% central & 30 % State

13 Progress Since inception works Sanctioned 3994 works completed 155 Crore Expenditure FY works 160 Crore Expected Expenditure Play Ground / Area Development Plan Earth Work – MGNREGS Playing Artical - PYKKA

14 MGNREGS- Watershed Development 7.95 Lakh Hectare Covered 264 Crore Expenditure Convergence with IWMP and State Funds 17.5 Lakh Hectare to be Covered 1972 Crore Expected Expenditure 312 Identified the Cluster 46 CSOs engaged as PIA Integrated Natural Resource Management

15 15 Horticulture Development Beneficiaries Crore Expenditure Field prepration, Pits,Trenches along Boundary & Watering - MGNREGS Sapling,Rertilzer,Pestiside & Sprinklar – Horticulture,NRHM, NRLM, Forestry Deptt. FY New Beneficiaries 12 Crore Expected Expenditure Integrated Natural Resource Development

16 16 Sericulture (Resham) 543 Ha Area covered 6.85 Crore Expenditure FY ha Area to be Covered 20 Crore Expected Expenditure Integrated Natural Resource Development Field prepration, Pits,Planting, Weeding & Watering - MGNREGS Sapling,Rertilzer,Pestiside,Drip Irrigation & Sprinklar – Sericulture, NRLM, Forestry Deptt.

17 17 Sahstradhara (Water Course & Field Channel) 2276 works Sanctioned 1018 Works completed 22 Crore Expenditure Earth Work for Field Channel & Water Course – MGNREGS Lining Work - WRD & NVDA Deptt., FY Works identified 64 Crore Expected Expenditure Integrated Natural Resource Development

18 18 Minakshi (Fisheries Activity) 1374 Works sanctioned 817 completed Works 14 Crore Expenditure Construction of Ponds – MGNREGS Fingerlings,Manuare, Artificial feedings,purchase of net- Fishries Deptt., FY Works Identified 23 Crore Expected Expenditure Integrated Natural Resource Development

19 19 Drinking Water Wells Sanctioned Wells Completed 599 Crore Expenditure FY Spill over 6530 New Sanctioned 150 Cr. Expenditure Construction of Well– MGNREGS Pump House & Water Supply line – PHED

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21 21 THANKS

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