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321,Apex Mall,Tonk Road, Lalkhoti, Jaipur 302 015 Phone No : 0141-2742301, 27423315, 5115104, 9314503965 NSEFO (Share Market Back Office Accounting Software)

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2 321,Apex Mall,Tonk Road, Lalkhoti, Jaipur Phone No : , , , NSEFO (Share Market Back Office Accounting Software)

3 WELCOME TO NSEFO The welcome screen for NSEFO back office accounting Software. Please enter your login password to proceed further.

4 NSEFO MAIN MENU The main menu of the software is divided into pull down sub menus. Submenu’s are easy self explanatory. For Ex. Daily menu contains all the modules you need to operate daily. Weekly menu contains modules to print/view consolidated reports for any period. Global Menu allows to Print or process reports from any date to any date. Accounts menu has all the F/A needs.

5 DAILY MENU This menu contains modules that are needed to be processed daily. It contains all the options from trade loading to bill preparation and printing day to day reports including daybooks, contract notes, bills and daily receivable / payables.

6 SELECTIVE MENU This menu has the option to consolidate data for a particular period and print/ view the consolidated Day books (Party wise, script wise, group wise), Bills, Brokerage Statements and Receivable/ Payable.

7 GLOBAL MENU This menu allows you to view / print reports or update brokerage / prepare bills for any range of period. E.g. print daybook or contract or bills etc from any date to any date on one click.

8 ACCOUNTS MENU This menu contains all the modules related to financial accounts. Starting from voucher entry to printing of balance sheet and bank reconciliation are all present here.

9 OTHERS MENU This menu contains other modules like master maintenance, brokerage setting, printing of interest chart, utilities like calculator and backup modules.

10 REWRITE MENU This menu has the module to regenerate index files, automatically check financial vouchers and Share trades and incorporate future updates which will be done by Mangalam in future.

11 SETUP MENU This is one of the most important part of the program.The entire program runs on the basis of this setup. Here you need to setup your various needs / parameters needed. Apne-aap the most powerful feature of this program can be defined here only. Password setting is also to be done here.

12 DATE SELECTION Through this module you will be selecting the transaction date you want the daily menu to be opened. This date usually will be current date but in case you want to browse reports you can select any previous date from the pull-down list.

13 TRADE ENTRY This module allows you to add / modify trades for the selected date. The options for all parties, range of parties or selective party and all items, range of items or selective item is here.

14 DAYBOOK MENU This module has three options viz.  Party wise  Series wise  Group wise All the options has the feature of All / Selective / Range of party and All/ Selective/Range of series and detailed or summary report. To add to it the report can be exported to any txt file.

15 TRADE SLIP This module enables you to view / print Trade Slip plain stationary for All / Selective / Range of Parties.

16 PRE-PRINTED CONTRACT This module enables you to print Contract Note on Pre-printed Stationary for All / Selective / Range of Parties.

17 BROKERAGE STATEMENT This module prints / views the daily brokerage charged party wise or series wise both summary and detailed. This brokerage is charged from parties on their daily transactions.

18 PREPARE BILLS This is one of the most important module of the software. This module needs the following files :  Today's closing rate file  Span margin file. The program automatically picks up the data from above files and prepares bills for each party evaluating M2M, Span and exposure margin.

19 PRINTING BILLS This module allows you to print / view bills on plain / pre- printed stationary for All / Selective / or Range of party. The consolidated bill will contain all B/f and C/f trades, current days trades, M2M, Span Margin, Exposure Margin and TOT.

20 RECEIVABLE/PAYABLE This module prints the summary of current days receivable / payable party wise with break-up into M2M, Margin and other Charges. In fact this statement is a summary of today’s trades and the amount are directly reflected to each party’s ledger account.

21 CLOSING POSITION This module enables you to print the pending trades both party wise or series wise with all ranges and that too summary or detailed. It is very important to keep track of pending exposures for each party.

22 EXPORT TRADES This option enables you to generate a trade file for your particular client who wants his trades in NSEFO format. He can in turn load these trades at his own computer.

23 APNE AAP This is the Heart Beat of the software. It needs no explanation. The name itself is self explanatory. It does all the above work (Pre-defined by you) in one go. Just Click and enjoy your Tea and the software does everything for you.

24 SELECTIVE PERIOD This module will extract the trades / bills for selected period / selected party / selected Share and will allow you to generate analysis from the above data.Very powerful option.

25 GLOBAL DATE SELECTION This module allows you to select the date range for which you want a single click process. For example print bills from to for all / selected / range of party.

26 FINANCIAL VOUCHERS As the name spells this module provided you the option to enter / modify financial vouchers (Cash, Bank, Journal)

27 CASH BOOK This module prints Cash book for any date to any date.

28 NET REC/PAYABLE This module prints the net receivable / payable from each party for any period for any / all / selective or range of parties.

29 FINANCIAL LEDGER Prints / views financial ledger for all / selective or range of accounts for any period.

30 TRIAL BALANCE This option prints trail balance for any period.

31 BALANCE SHEET View / print balance sheet.

32 OPENING BALANCE Add / Modify / View or Print opening balance.

33 BANK RECONCILLATION Reconciles your bank statement with this module.

34 PARTY MASTER Add / Modify / Print or View party Master with complete bio-data and brokerage slabs. Here you need to enter each party’s details as per NSEFO requirements, party wise brokerage as per your understanding and other charges if any for individual clients.

35 SCHEDULE MASTER Add /Modify / Print or View Balance sheet or Profit & loss heads – Schedule heads. You can define your own schedule as per your auditors requirements.

36 INTEREST CHART Option to prepare interest report for any period for and or all or range of accounts with any interest rate. Useful for loan entries or delayed receipts / payments.

37 MERGE ACCOUNT Two different accounts of similar nature can be merged into one without removing or modifying any data or voucher. A great feature.

38 PASSWORD SETTING Ah ! What a great module. Allows you to create users and activate the selected module. For example accountant can only operate Financial accounting module and that too balance sheet / P&L locked or trading operator not allowed to visit accounts module. SUPERB

39 BACKUP MODULE Believe it this is very important and the costliest module you should search in any software. You cannot buy your data from anywhere at any cost. Hence backup your data regularly. The software has inbuilt module to take backup automatically. You need to just burn them onto your CD writer.That’s it!

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