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Overall Flow of Data Sunday , 16 / Jul 2006 Page 1 Web CRS Reservation

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2 Overall Flow of Data Sunday , 16 / Jul 2006 Page 1 Web CRS Reservation
MIS Check Availability Billing Account Receivable Check Inn Night Audit Start Manual Check Availability Payment Gateway Charges EPaBx Banquet Booking Function Requirement F & B Non F Menu Master Order Entry Settlement Overall Flow of Data






8 MODULES Reservation Front Office House Keeping Material Management Point of Sale Banquet Management Night Audit Payroll Telephone Module Financial Accounts Control Setup Messaging

9 FRONT OFFICE Reservations Front Desk Cashier Report
Reservations / Cancellation Look Up Room Type/Room category wise Reservation Confirmation / Cancellation Letters Reservation Status Report/Arrival 7-730 Days Forecast 23 Day Room Availability Forecast Reservations Guest Walk In/Check In In House Guest Information Multi Payment Mode Bill Settlement Check Out Cashier Report Display Room Rack Travel Desk Operations Tourism form/ Form-C,Luxury Tax Report Front Desk


11 Availability Room Category Wise

12 Availability Room wise

13 Room Details & Tariffs


15 Advance Collections

16 Look up Guest wise

17 Confirmation Letters

18 Reservation Status

19 FRONT OFFICE Reservation Status (Arrivals)

20 7-730 Days Forecast

21 Walk In/Check In

22 Guest Profile

23 Pass port/ Visa Details

24 Click on vacant Rooms to add new Walk In.
Display Rack Click on vacant Rooms to add new Walk In.

25 In House Guest Screen

26 Guest Message

27 Room Change

28 Register Wake up Calls

29 Amend Stay

30 Charges Posting

31 Room Check Out

32 Guest Billing

33 Travel Agency Posting

34 Inhouse Count

35 Merge Room Bills

36 Charges / Payment Journal

37 Arrival /Departure List

38 Cashier Report

39 HOUSE KEEPING Complaint Master Complaint Clearance
Lost/Found Management Claim Management Issue/Recd Management House Keeping Screen Room Status Report Complaint Detail

40 House Keeping

41 House Keeping Report

42 Purchase & Stores Transactions Reports Gravy Item Entry Indent Entry
Purchase Order M.R.Entry Purchase Bill/Return Entry Requisition Slip Entry Store issue on Req. Entry Kitchen Closing Stock Entry Stock Transfer Reports Kitchen Stock Report I/R Basis Purchase Register /Summary Cash/Credit Purchase Stock Register/Summary Stock In Hand Excess Consumption Report Store Issue Register Indent Register Purchase Order Register

43 Item Entry

44 M. R. Entry

45 Purchase Bill /Return Entry

46 Requisition Slip

47 Store Issue on Requisition Slip

48 Stock Register

49 Stock Summary (Stores)

50 Stock in Hand

51 Kitchen Stock I/R Basis

52 Excess Consumption (Report)

53 Store Issue Register

54 Point of Sale

55 Operations KOT Entry Sale Bill Entry Table Change Entry Bill Settlement Entry Split Sale Bill Reports Sales Register Item wise Sale Steward wise Sale Table wise Sales Cashier Settlement Summary Cover Analysis Tax Report/ Tax Register Discount Register/Summary Deleted Bills And Unsettled Bills Void Bills KOT Rate Change Report NC KOT/ Pending KOT Details Sales Day Book

56 Outlet Defining

57 Outlet Bill Setting

58 Item Master

59 Item Rate Defining

60 Kitchen Order Ticket

61 Sale Bill

62 Bill Settlement

63 Sale Register

64 KOT Details

65 Sale Register

66 Table wise Sales

67 Cover Analysis

68 Item wise Sale

69 Cashier Summary

70 Tax Summary

71 Deleted & Unsettled Bills

72 Void Bills Report

73 Banquet Management Operations Reports Venue Master Catalogue Master
Booking Inquiry / Banquet Booking Banquet Requirement Management Chef Pre-coasting Banquet Billing/ Bill Settlement Reports Sales Register Outstanding Report Cashier Report/ Summary Booking Inquiry Detail Settlement Report Tax Report/ Summary Daily Function Sheet Cover Analysis Report Item Wise Sale Report

74 Venue Master

75 Catalogue Master

76 Catalogue Printing

77 Venue Availability

78 Banquet Booking

79 Banquet Bill

80 Outstanding Report

81 Sales Register

82 Night Audit Room Inventory Post Room Charges & Taxes
Night Audit Process Charges & Payment Journal Guest Trail Balance Daily Report/ Daily Report II Room Occupancy Analysis Market Segment Analysis Business Source Analysis Company Analysis Travel Agent Analysis A/c Posting Food Costing

83 Room Inventory


85 PAYROLL Operations Attendance Entry Leave Entry Loan/Advance Entry
Salary Creation Leave Encashment Over Time Entry Reports Attendance Report Pay Slip Loan Register Loan Advance Summary Payroll Register PF Statement Loan/Advance Ledger

86 Leave Entry

87 Loan/Advance Entry

88 Attendance Report

89 Pay Slip

90 Telephone Operations Call Type Master Extension Master
Call Codes Master Call Control Master Masters Telephone Call Entry EPBAX Call Report

91 Call Type Master

92 Extension Master

93 EPABX Call Report

94 Back Office Voucher Entry Bank Reconciliation
T.D.S. Challan/Certificate Ledger Cash Book Bank Book Journal Books Annexure Ageing Analysis for Debtors/Creditors Outstanding Report Reports with Zoom In Facility Balance Sheet Profit And Loss Account Trial Balance (Group) Trial Balance (Ledger) Cash Flow Fund Flow Cash And Bank Books

95 Account Voucher

96 Bank Reconciliation

97 Group Trial Balance

98 Balance Sheet

99 Profit & Loss Report

100 Cash Flow

101 Cash /Bank Position

102 Controls Backup Data Account Merging Year End Updation
Account Parameter Settings Data Transfer Date Receiving

103 Printing Setup

104 Parameter Setting

105 Environmental Setting

106 User Master

107 User Permissions

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