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Welcome www. Url : Contact Us : India – Mob # 91 - 8080973850.

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1 Welcome www. Url : Contact Us : India – Mob # 91 - 8080973850

2 This is how originally our Software is saved.

3 You can make copy of the Software for different Years, different Companies etc. and save in different folders on the same Hard Disk.

4 Welcome page on opening of Software

5 You can close advts. by clicking ‘X’ on top right corner. After closing all advts., Welcome page will be displayed like this.

6 This is Fixed Main Menu. If by chance F1 & F2 for Pop-Up Menu gives problem, this is very helpful.

7 This is F1 – Pop-Up Menu.

8 This is F2 – Pop-Up Menu with Important Data

9 This is Group Master with F4 - Group List Display Menu

10 This is Accounts Master with F3 – Accounts List Display Menu

11 This is AR Parties Master with F6 – AR Parties List Display Menu

12 This is AP Parties List with F7 – AP Parties List Display Menu

13 This is Item-Stock Master with F8 – Stock Items List Display Menu

14 This is Bank Book Worksheet with so many features self-explanatory -Clear of chk & date of clearance. - Account Name when AR/AP party selected - Short Description (Unlimited) and Gujarati Language used - Next PP Page also show extention of this Bank Book worksheet

15 Extention of Bank Book. One point to be noted that It cover only one item and one Qty-Rate. Multiple Items not covered. Pl. note.

16 This is how Open Items – Uncleared Items of Bank Book as of opening period date. Account Name is not material for GL etc. so no F3 help made available here. Also AR/AP/Stock Item not given. Only used to display while generating Bank Statement

17 This is how Bank Reconciliation is displayed and used for Backward calculation and arriving Op. Bal. for Bank Statement.

18 Based on the items cleared in Bank, real bank statement is generated to compare with Actual Bank Statement received from Bank.

19 Just like Bank Book, this is sample Cash Book which can also be used as Petty Cash Book. See extention in next two PP Pages how it can be used for Columnar Petty Cash Book.

20 Extention of Cash Book showing daily Cash Sales Collection with only one item Sales & Qty.

21 This shows how Petty Cash be maintained in user-defined 19 columns. If there is balance Amount to be bifurcated, it will show as Difference. Also to process instantly, you can keep Auto Calculation On/Off, Switch is given here-in-above, will save your lots of time in posting bifurcation figures.

22 This is Journal Book copy. You can see how Stock Transfer entry is done with lowest figure. Also if date mistake is there, how it can be shown in Red Colour to show it requires correction.

23 This is Help Menu which is always available with Ctrl+Alt+H key combination

24 This is User Defined Voucher format. Bank Book, (Petty)Cash Book, Loan Book, Credit Card 1 & 2 Book, Sales Register, Purchase Register & Journal Book Vouchers can be printed from here.

25 This is exclusive for Sales Register. Useful for printing Sales Invoice only. Fully user-defined Sales Invoice Format

26 This is fully User Defined Housing Society Invoice Format Professional Invoice Format.

27 Eye View Sheet gives full view of all information i.e. Itemwise Net Flow during the period for Group Master, Account Master, AR & AP Masters, Stock Items Master. Also gives total Nos of Entries involved.

28 Extention of Eye View Sheet

29 This is how Message Box displayed while trying to generate General Ledger Report

30 This shows how Report is prefixed with Co.Title, Year Title, Report Title and Current Date. Also show The Folder to which it will be stored.

31 This shows if the Report is regenerated, then this message is displayed.

32 This is list of various Reports generated. So it is easy to locate any Report

33 This message will be displayed while trying to open Report Exported in XLS Format.

34 How General Ledger Report is generated. Also asking for Enabling contents to be displayed. If you want to display this in detail, you can click on Account Name twice. Also you have to unhide Colmn ‘J’ and have running Balances for each entrywise. (shown in next pages)








42 Print Dialogue on selecting Invoice Print

43 You can test check Print in MS Office OneNote like this.

44 Sample Invoice for Hos. Soc./ Professional Invoice

45 Print Preview of Sample Invoice for Hos. Soc.

46 No Button given for Closing Software. You have to click on ‘X’ on Top Right of any Window. This message will be displayed while Closing the Software. All Temporary Sheets created in Software will be deleted. This can be done during Software running also to Clean excessive use of Memory.


48 Short Cut Symbol displayed on Desktop Screen.

49 This Message appear when opening Software next time after saving your workings in previous session. If you have chosen ‘Original Workbook’ it will start with scratch one.

50 You can select ‘Yes’ if you want to save changes made in file. You can select ‘No’ if no changes made and close file. But if by mistake ‘X’ at top-right on window is clicked and you want to continue working in file, you can select ‘Cancel’.

51 If you have selected ‘Yes’ while saving file, it will ask folder & Name of the file to which it is to be saved. It may pl. be noted that saved file will be opened only with the help of this Software and it will not be opened independently.

52 Good Bye www. Url : Contact Us : India – Mob # 91 - 8080973850

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