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EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics January, 2013.

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1 EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics January, 2013

2 EETD Accidents- 1/13 TypeDateDept.DescriptionSeverityStatus Slip, Trip, Fall 1/10/13DIV Employee tripped over a construction hose while crossing street near B26. First Aid OnlyClosed Repetitive Motion 1/25/13EAEI Employee experiencing wrist pain. Health Services visit. RecordableOpen- Ergonomics evaluation

3 EETD Accidents- By Type

4 EETD Accidents- Severity Note: Two accidents in Nov ’12 not considered OSHA reportable, but may be compensable

5 Emergency Incidents- 1/13 DateIncidentAreaStatus No EETD-related incidents in January

6 Ergonomic Assessments- By Month

7 Open EETD Ergonomic Assessments Date Requested Dept.TypeStatus 1/28/13EAEITeam ResponseIn Progress 1/14/13DIVDiscomfortActions Pending 1/2/13BTUSDiscomfortActions Pending 12/15/12DIVPreventativeActions Pending 12/13/12BTUSDiscomfortIn Progress 11/26/12ESDRPreventativeActions Pending 10/29/12BTUSDiscomfortIn Progress 9/25/12ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending

8 EETD Job Hazard Analysis- Incomplete

9 Job Hazard Analysis- % Completion

10 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

11 Training % Completion Status

12 Incomplete Training by Course Type (Total Incomplete Assignments = 116)

13 Incomplete Training Assignments (Total = 116) Open Assignments by Dept.Open Assignments by Hire Date

14 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

15 Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Overall Compliance

16 Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA) Issues

17 Cumulative Satellite Accumulation Area Issues (FY Q1 ’12 – Q2 ‘13)

18 Corrective Action Reports (CATS)- 1/13 CAT #DateDescriptionLeadStatus No open EETD CATS items at this time

19 Activity Hazard Documents (AHD)- 1/13 AHDDescriptionStatusLocationPI 3764Hydrogen Bromide/ Bromine Completed- Annual Review/Update 70-257A. Weber 171Lithium UseCompleted- Full EHS 3- year review 70-295, 70-299 V. Battaglia 214Lithium UseCompleted- Change PI from Richardson to Chen 62-314, 320, 350 G. Chen

20 Audits and Inspection Status TypeDateLeadStatus Self Assessment- Lab Area Housekeeping 1/30/13Deputy Dept. Heads Ops. and Safety Manager Walkthroughs of B62 and B70 completed. Compiling observations. Self Assessment- BTUS Office Areas FebruaryBTUS Deputy Dept. Head Ops. Check sheet being reviewed prior to walkthrough of B90 areas. Quarterly SAA Inspections- All EETD Labs 1/28/13Safety Manager Completed

21 Significant Safety Achievements- 1/13 Worked with Engineering Division and Electrical Safety SME regarding safety improvements to particle sampler boxes. Quarterly SAA inspections were completed of all EETD areas. Two EETD Safety Alerts were issued: “Razor Blade Safety” and “Electrical Equipment NRTL Requirements.” Approvals were obtained for off-site transport of a compressed gas cylinder under DOT Materials of Trade exemptions. Lab tours were given to Alameda County Fire Department crews in Buildings 62 and 70 for emergency pre-planning. Work is proceeding on the new EETD safety website. Continued work on removing old chemicals and gas cylinders from EETD lab areas.

22 Short Term Safety Outlook- 2/13 Complete the “lab housekeeping” self-assessment project and submit final report. Hold a “Electrical Equipment Safety- NRTL” seminar for EETD researchers. Deploy the new “Field Work Hazard Assessment” form within EETD. Approximately 500 “old chemicals” will be removed from EETD lab areas. More removals are being planned. Deploy the new EETD Safety website. Follow-up on hood sash repair issues in lab areas. Start work on the “On the Job Training” self-assessment project.

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