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EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics December, 2012.

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1 EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics December, 2012

2 EETD Accidents- 12/12 TypeDateDept.DescriptionSeverityStatus Cut12/11/12ESDR Employee cut finger with razor blade Recordable. No lost work time. Corrective action being implemented. EETD should consider policy restricting use of straight edge razors.

3 EETD Accidents- By Type

4 EETD Accidents- Severity Note: Two accidents in Nov ’12 not considered OSHA reportable, but may be compensable

5 Emergency Incidents- 12/12 DateIncidentAreaStatus 12/15/12Hydrogen generator activated building 70 supervisory alarm. Facilities weekend response. Equipment DI water system was cause of alarm. 70-257Equipment repaired and alarm reset. Need to re- evaluate what equipment faults should activate the building supervisory alarm. Should limit to hydrogen- related issues.

6 Ergonomic Assessments- By Month

7 Open EETD Ergonomic Assessments Date Requested Dept.TypeStatus 12/15/12DIVPreventativeIn Progress 12/13/12BTUSDiscomfortIn Progress 12/13/12EAEIMoveActions Pending 12/12/12BTUSMoveActions Pending 12/12/12EAEIMoveActions Pending 11/26/12ESDRPreventativeIn Progress 10/29/12BTUSDiscomfortIn Progress 10/9/12EAEIMoveActions Pending 9/25/12ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending 8/21/12BTUSDiscomfortActions Pending 8/10/12ESDRMedium RiskActions Pending

8 EETD Job Hazard Analysis- Incomplete

9 Job Hazard Analysis- % Completion

10 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

11 Training % Completion Status

12 Incomplete Training by Course Type (Total Incomplete Assignments = 126)

13 Incomplete Training Assignments by Department (Total = 126)

14 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

15 SAA Overall Compliance


17 Cumulative SAA Issues (FY Q1 ’12 – Q1 ‘13)

18 Corrective Action Reports- 12/12 CAT #DateDescriptionLeadStatus 647412/9/08Determine if a Class D fire extinguisher is needed in 70- 163. ScholtzCompleted 927010/30/12Ensure all wastes in 70-103 are properly labeled. Follow- up from quarterly SAA inspection. DestaillatsCompleted

19 Activity Hazard Documents- 12/12 AHDDescriptionStatusLocationPI 3672Lithium/Sodium UseCompleted- Annual Review/Update 62-150Doeff 171Lithium/Sodium UseSignatures- Annual Review/Update 70-295, 70-299 Battaglia

20 Audits and Inspection Status TypeDateLeadStatus Dept. Head Walkthroughs- All EETD Areas October/N ovember Dept. HeadsEach department head scheduling. Quarterly SAA Inspections- All EETD Labs 1/13Safety Manager Being scheduled for end of January.

21 Significant Achievements- 12/12 Assisted RIVEC researchers on electrical safety and tracer gas exposure issues identified by the Human Subjects Committee. Performed a survey of all research work currently being conducted in EETD to determine applicability to human subjects and electrical safety requirements. Participated on the LBNL haz mat transportation committee. A EETD Safety Committee meeting was held. Work is proceeding on the new EETD safety website. Continued work on removing old chemicals and gas cylinders from EETD lab areas.

22 Short Term Outlook- 1/13 Assist with the annual department-head safety inspections. Start the “lab housekeeping” self-assessment project. Perform quarterly SAA inspections. Assist EETD researchers on safety issues identified by the Human Subjects Committee. Better define EETD off-site field projects and finalize a process for reviewing their activities. Resolve transport of gas cylinders to off-site research locations. Deploy the new EETD EH&S website. Follow-up on hood sash repair issues identified from the self- assessment project.

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