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EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics June, 2013.

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1 EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics June, 2013

2 EETD Accidents- 6/13 TypeDateDept.DescriptionSeverityStatus Chemical Exposure 6/4/13ESDR Post Doc was exposed to small amount of electrolyte on hand. First AidCompleted Chemical Exposure 6/4/13ESDR Post Doc was exposed to chloroform on neck area when bottle splashed. First AidCompleted

3 EETD Accidents- By Type

4 EETD Accidents- Severity Note: Two accidents in Nov ’12 not considered OSHA reportable, but may be compensable

5 Emergency Incidents- 6/13 DateIncidentAreaStatus No incidents reported in June

6 Ergonomic Assessments- By Month

7 Open EETD Ergonomic Assessments Date Requested Dept.TypeStatus 6/6/13EAEIPreventativeIn Progress 6/19/13ESDRPreventativeIn Progress

8 EETD Job Hazard Analysis- Incomplete

9 Job Hazard Analysis- % Completion

10 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments * Does not include SEC0203 “External Monitoring” Notice

11 Training % Completion Status

12 Incomplete Training by Course Type (Total Incomplete Assignments = 91)

13 Incomplete Training Assignments (Total = 91) Open Assignments by Dept.Open Assignments by Hire Date

14 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

15 Safety Concerns Submittals- EETD

16 EETD Safety Concerns Status #DateConcernTypeStatus 6344/25/13Floor in cafeteria just outside swinging door a trip hazardBuildingOpen- Facilities WGZ039 6385/2/13Water spills in hallway from B90 second floor water cooler use EnvironmentOpen- need to move or reorient cooler 6406/19/13“Danger Do Not Operate” tag on valve in 90-4109BuildingOpen- Facilities WHG331 6426/21/13Very loud in 70-263. Some sort of issue with room ventilation EnvironmentOpen- L. Davis follow- up 6466/21/13Noted poor ergonomic habits of Crown MoversInjury/IllnessOpen- M. Alexander follow-up 6486/25/13Water puddles on B90 stairwell. Slip hazardBuildingOpen- Facilities WHG313 6736/24/13Torn carpet in Building 90 common areas and conference rooms. Trip hazard. BuildingTears taped- Completed 6726/24/13People hiking up hill in front of B90 and coming over rail directly on to roadway TrafficSign posted- Completed

17 Corrective Action Reports (CATS)- 6/13 CAT #DateDescriptionLeadStatus 9385-13/27/13Ensure lab areas are using secondary containment trays R. ScholtzCompleted 9385-23/27/13Ensure lab area chemical containers are properly labeled R. ScholtzCompleted 9385-33/27/13Remove “orphan” chemicals from lab areas R. ScholtzDue 9/30/13- Working in 70-163, 70-201, and 70- 249. 9385-43/27/13Ensure lab areas are making visitor safety glasses available R. ScholtzCompleted

18 Activity Hazard Documents (AHD)- 6/13 AHDDescriptionStatusLocationPI 222Laser- Advanced Laser Technologies Three-year EHSS review. Waiting EHS sign-off 70-157R. Russo 3657Chemical- LithiumUpdate to change PI from J. Cabana to M. Doeff.- Draft 62-342M. Doeff

19 Audits and Inspection Status- 6/13 TypeDateLeadStatus AHD Three-Year Review of 70-157 6/18/13T. RobertsCompleted SAA quarterly inspection 7/24/13R. ScholtzScheduled

20 Significant Safety Achievements- 6/13 Completed all “On the Job Training” self-assessment interviews. A draft self-assessment report is currently out for review and comment. A lot of progress has been made getting old chemicals and samples cleaned-out of 70-201. A large number of pending JHA’s/training were addressed. An EETD Safety Committee meeting was held on 6/6/13. Three Safety Alerts were issued: –Late Night Office Safety –Chemical Container Labeling –Chemical Secondary Containment Trays Mercury safety awareness training slides were generated. I participated in a safety video promoting lab area emergency preparedness.

21 Short Term Safety Outlook- 7/13 Submit the approved “On the Job Training” self-assessment report to OCA. Continue lab cleanup efforts. A number of samples, old chemicals, and glassware have been identified for disposal. Implement a new electronic lab inspection form for easier monthly lab area inspection documentation. Conduct a quarterly SAA inspection of EETD lab areas on 7/24/13. Start work on the Building 90 electrical safety self-assessment project. Start work on training materials identified from the recent self- assessment. First priority is glove box safety. A number of AHD’s and radiation permits are due for renewal or modification.

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