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1 EETD NEW HIRE SAFETY ORIENTATION Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) June 21, 2013.

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1 1 EETD NEW HIRE SAFETY ORIENTATION Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) June 21, 2013

2 2 Work Area Walk Through Your supervisor will give you a brief walkthrough of your work area. Make sure you are familiar with the following: –Locations of emergency equipment such as fire extinguisher, emergency shower/eyewash, spill cleanup kit, etc. –Locations of phones and fire alarm pull stations. –Building evacuation routes and evacuation assembly area. When entering lab areas, always wear safety glasses with side shields, closed toe shoes and long pants.

3 3 Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) The JHA process provides a documented mechanism to answer the question “how do I know that I’m doing my job safely?” It is a methodical analysis tool used to identify and control workplace hazards. Every LBNL employee, including affiliates, faculty, and students, must complete a JHA. A JHA must be completed within 30 days of start date. Consult with your supervisor prior to selecting a JHA work group. The work group determines what training you are assigned. JHA System: EETD JHA Guide:

4 4 Training Your training assignments are determine by your approved Job Hazards Analysis (JHA). See your JHA to determine courses assigned and status. Training should be completed within 30 days of start date. Most training courses are available on-line and can be accessed at: Your supervisor may also require additional “on the job” training specific to your job tasks.

5 5 Ergonomics Make sure your work area is set-up properly and you have needed equipment. You are required to complete an on-line ergonomic self-assessment by going to: 059/ 059/ If needed, request a ergonomic evaluation by an ergonomist by going to: If you are experiencing discomfort, don’t wait. Let your supervisor know right away!

6 6 Accident Reporting Report all work related accidents to Health Services at Building 26 or by calling X6226. For life threatening emergencies, immediately call 911. Let your supervisor know about the accident as soon as possible. All accidents should be reported no matter how minor they may at first seem. Report accidents promptly. Don’t wait until the injury gets worse!

7 7 Emergency Procedures For life threatening emergencies, call X7911 (X911 by cell phone). Includes: ambulance and fires. For non-life threatening emergencies, call X6999 for assistance. Includes: chemical spills, power outages, flooding, etc. Red “Emergency Guide” flip charts containing specific emergency procedures are posted in all buildings and lab areas. Know your building evacuation routes and evacuation assembly area.

8 8 Emergency Procedures In the event of an earthquake: –Drop, cover, and hold –After shaking stops, evacuate building –Take car keys and small personal items –Follow Building Emergency Team instructions –Do not attempt to re-enter buildings until deemed safe LabAlert provides timely emergency alerts to via text message on your cell phone. It supplements the Public Address system to quickly alert you of emergency conditions. To sign-up go to: +Emergency+Broadcast+Service +Emergency+Broadcast+Service

9 9 Safety Concerns All personnel are encouraged to identify safety suggestions or concerns they may have. You can submit your Safety Concern by: –Submitting the EHSS Safety Concerns formEHSS Safety Concerns –Emailing to; –Calling the Safety Concerns Hotline at x5514 You can submit concerns anonymously. All submitted safety concerns are tracked and actions taken communicated.

10 10 Safety Spot Awards Safety Spot Awards recognize and reward outstanding individual and/or team efforts that impact the safety of an organizational unit, team, or department. Safety spot awards can range from $25 to $500 depending on the safety impact. Submit nominations to the EETD Safety Manager. Go to: Safety spot award winners are posted regularly on the EETD safety website.

11 11 Safety Information Resources The EETD Integrated Safety Management Plan gives an overview of the division’s safety program: management-ism management-ism The EETD Safety Manager is available to assist you in the event you have any questions: –Ron Scholtz- (510) 495-8137 ( EETD maintains a safety website that contains a variety of safety information and links: http://eetd- safety.lbl.govhttp://eetd-

12 12 New Hire Safety Checklist A New Hire Safety Checklist is available to assist you and your supervisor in your safety orientation at EETD. A copy of the checklist is available at: http://eetd- employeeshttp://eetd- employees

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