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EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics August, 2013.

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1 EETD Environmental Health and Safety Monthly Metrics August, 2013

2 EETD Accidents- 8/13 TypeDateDept.DescriptionSeverityStatus Cut on hand 8/29/13ESDR Researcher cut hand on broken vacuum tube glass in 70-257 First AidAccident Investigation pending 9/5/13

3 EETD Accidents- By Type

4 EETD Accidents- Severity Note: Two accidents in Nov 12 not considered OSHA reportable, but may be compensable

5 Emergency Incidents- 8/13 DateIncidentAreaStatus No incidents reported in August

6 Ergonomic Assessments- By Month

7 Open EETD Ergonomic Assessments Date Requested Dept.TypeStatus 8/30/13DIVDiscomfortActions Pending 8/28/13EAEIPreventativeActions Pending 8/28/13EAEIDiscomfortActions Pending 8/26/13DIVDiscomfortActions Pending 8/26/13EAEIDiscomfortActions Pending 8/22/13BTUSMoveActions Pending 8/19/13ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending 7/12/13ESDRDiscomfortActions Pending 7/9/13EAEIPreventativeActions Pending 6/24/13BTUSDiscomfortActions Pending 6/13/13EAEIPreventativeIn Progress

8 EETD Job Hazard Analysis- Incomplete

9 Job Hazard Analysis- % Completion

10 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments * Does not include SEC0203 External Monitoring Notice

11 Training % Completion Status

12 Incomplete Training by Course Type (Total Incomplete Assignments = 66)

13 Incomplete Training Assignments (Total = 66) Open Assignments by Dept.Open Assignments by Hire Date

14 EETD Incomplete Training Assignments

15 Safety Concerns Submittals- EETD

16 EETD Safety Concerns Status #DateConcernTypeStatus 6385/2/13Water spills in hallway from B90 second floor water cooler use EnvironmentOpen- need to move or reorient cooler 6426/21/13Very loud in 70-263. Some sort of issue with room ventilation EnvironmentOpen- Facilities Work Request 6987/25/13Floor tiles in office showing wear under chair. Concern about ACM. BuildingOpen- ordering floor mat 9328/2/13Newly installed water drinking fountain B90 third floor has sharp edges that can cause cuts to hand BuildingOpen- Temporary tape of edges. Facilities Work Request. 9268/19/13Issue identified with sit-stands when leaning on keyboard surface. Damage to attachment arm bolts. BuildingCompleted- Safety alert issued. Desks inspected. 9278/26/13Change machine in B90 break room had plug ground prong broken off into wall outlet. Electrical Safety Open- Change machine locked out. Facilities Work Request to repair outlet. 9258/27/13Food safety concern in B90 break room refrigerators not low enough. EnvironmentOpen- Facilities Work Request to adjust temp. -8/28/13Concern about two-way traffic from Pit parking lot area and close calls with pedestrians. Traffic SafetyOpen- EHS evaluating

17 Corrective Action Reports (CATS)- 8/13 CAT #DateDescriptionLeadStatus 9385-33/27/13Remove orphan chemicals from lab areas R. ScholtzDue 9/30/13- Working in 62-102, 62-316, 70-163, 70-201, and 70-249. Old Chemical Clean- out Campaign #4 started.

18 Activity Hazard Documents (AHD)- 8/13 AHDDescriptionStatusLocationPI 3657Chemical- LithiumUpdate to change PI from J. Cabana to M. Doeff. Needs EHS review and approval. 62-342M. Doeff 3308Chemical- LithiumAnnual review and update- Draft out for signatures 70-123 and 62- 348 N. Balsara

19 Audits and Inspection Status- 8/13 TypeDateLeadStatus AHD 2097- Three-Year Review and Walkthrough 7/15/13T. Roberts62-342. Scheduled for 9/5/13. SAA quarterly inspection 7/24/13R. ScholtzCompleted

20 Significant Safety Achievements- 8/13 A great deal of progress was made in disposal of numerous old chemical samples and glassware in labs 62-102, 62-316, 70-163, and 70-249. Approximately 350 old chemical containers have been collected in EETD lab areas. A Safety Alert was issued regarding possible damage when leaning on sit-stand desk tops. A Safety Alert was issued regarding disposal of old chemical samples from lab areas. A check list was developed for researchers/students leaving LBNL. The purpose is to account for samples and experiments left in hoods and glove boxes. I gave a lab safety presentation at the County of Santa Claras 28 th annual safety seminar.

21 Short Term Safety Outlook- 9/13 Complete the Office Electrical Safety self-assessment project and submit final report to OCA. Complete lab cleanup efforts and close the open CATS item. All old chemicals identified in lab areas will be removed. Finalize the 2014 EETD self-assessment project plan and submit to OCA. Complete installation of vinyl protective floor mats in office areas with bare ACM containing floor tiles. Assist in the lab move for 62-138/150 up to 62-342. Implement a new electronic lab inspection form for easier monthly lab area inspection documentation. Start Chemical Management System (CMS) inventory updates in EETD lab areas. Work with EHS on CMS improvements.

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